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Third Time is the Charm


We all remember where we were during the 2017 NFL Draft as the entire city of Chicago had their eyes set on either former Heisman Trophy Winner and former Clemson Quarterback Deshaun Watson or Texas Tech Quarterback Patrick Mahomes who has arguably the best arm in the history of Football at all levels. Pick 2 comes to the clock and trade is in we have moved up to select Mitchell Trubisky, I was confused and at a loss of words but at the same time understood why this all happened. In football, doesn't matter which level we're speaking of, countless times guys with a higher skill level or ceiling get overlooked because the coach or GM has their guy. As someone who works with pro athletes and the handling of their contracts on a regular basis, I can tell you that at every level coaches have their core group of guys that you can guarantee will have a roster spot before their introductory press conference as Head Coach.

As a college student, this quote just hits home, we all know the number of hours we spent in pointless 101 courses that have no bearing on anything you will do after college. As someone who watches the Bears week in and week out it was hard at times last season to see limited play-calling in key situations it was reminiscent of all the pointless stuff a 101 course includes. One thing I have noticed about Mitchell this last season is when you hand him the keys to the offense and let it ride he will take us down the field carving the defense up in the air and on the ground. In life, the best way to learn is trial and error and when we throw Mitchell in the fire he comes back unscathed more times than not. It's still entirely way too early to say who will finish with the best career amongst Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes, and Mitchell Trubisky but at this point, I can confidently tell you In Mitchell we trust.

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Year 3 for Mitchell and year 2 in Matt Nagy's offense should be one for the ages and let's just remember we have the best defense in the entire league. This season I fully expect Mitchell to fix some of the issues he has had in past seasons with his accuracy and just hitting the full send on passes. Like I said before the best way to learn is trial and error, Nagy is doing away with the training wheels and Trubisky should have no limits in this year's offense. At the end of the day he is young, charismatic, a problem when he tucks the ball and runs and has gotten better passing the rock substantially since year one. Its all about growth and progression with Mitchell and this year is going to be his breakout season!

P.S. Mitchell, I do apologize for ever doubting you, but I can thank you for making me eat my words.

Featured Photo: David Banks/Getty Images