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This Time It's Different, I Swear! Is Nagy Truly Ready to Adapt?

Though they hurt you last time out, maybe you should consider taking the Bears back in 2020. They might be different this time around.
Photo: David Banks/USA TODAY Sports

Photo: David Banks/USA TODAY Sports

In 2018, Matt Nagy took the Bears from worst to first and received the AP Coach of the Year award. He found a way to simplify the offense for Mitchell Trubisky and utilize his skill set, which helped him earn a trip to the Pro Bowl. Nagy helped rejuvenate the fanbase and they fell in love with him. Everyone thought the 'double doink' was sole the reason the Bears didn't go to the Super Bowl, but as Chris Long stated in an interview, that wasn't necessarily the case.

In 2019, the honeymoon was over. The offense couldn't find an identity and rarely found any rhythm. As the Super Bowl expectations slipped away and the Bears stared mediocrity in the face, fans began to question every aspect of the team. Anyone involved in Bears' social media forums knows how quickly people went off the rails. Fans were pointing fingers at anyone and everyone. Trubisky took the lion's share of the criticism followed by Nagy, Pace, and the offensive line. Fans were and still are pissed as they search for answers. It's understandable, as Bears fans had the highest expectations for this team since 2006 and they were let down once again. Here's the thing, though. Blowing it all up isn't the answer.

The madness that was the 2019 season pushed Nagy to say some things that I'm sure Nagy wishes he had back. It led to quotes such as "I'm not an idiot," and "I wasn't brought here to run the I-Formation." Those types of comments went viral and then the negative narratives gained a ton of steam. When the media insinuated Nagy should hand over play-calling duties, he responded in a defensive manner. Chicago pounces on those types of interviews. Matt Nagy needs to learn from those instances if he wants a peaceful career in Chicago. That doesn't mean he needs to appease the needs of fans and be a nice guy. Da Coach, Mike Ditka, who will always be a legend, always slapped you in the face with it. This is Chicago, be real, be 'cool and tough,' and you'll be loved.

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This is 'lying season,' and this all could be pillow talk, but below is a clip of Nagy from the combine this past Tuesday.

When Nagy was asked if he would consider adjusting the scheme he brought to Chicago, he said "absolutely." The caption of the tweet is a little cheeky, but it does apply to Nagy's situation with some Bears' fans. Are you willing to look past some of the bumps in the road from 2019 and fawn over the coach you fell for in 2018?

The offseason is just getting underway. The first step in improving the Bears' 2020 outlook was hiring a new offensive staff. Juan Castillo and Clancy Barone should add physicality to a running game that lacked it. Quarterback whisperer John DeFilippo and new offensive coordinator Bill Lazor may possibly help Mitchell Trubisky bounce back from his letdown 2019 season. Ryan Pace has already made some anticipated cuts to the roster while trying to adding a few pieces before free agency begins. The NFL Combine is happening now, then free agency and the draft will follow.

In 2018, the San Francisco 49ers went 4-12. Last year, they were in the Super Bowl. Every year a team goes from worst to first. It's the offseason. Even Lions' fans will convince themselves they have a chance to turn it around in 2020. Though they hurt you last time out, maybe you should consider taking the Bears back in 2020. They might be different this time around.