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Bears Top 10 Pass Plays of 2020

The top 10 Bears pass plays of 2020 (video included).
Chicago Bears wide receiver Darnell Mooney

Photo: Brace Hemmelgarn/USA TODAY Sports

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These are the Bears top 10 Pass Plays for the 2020 season based on CPOE. What is CPOE? CPOE is a metric that determines the likelihood of any given pass being completed versus the result of that pass (either complete or incomplete). Without further discussion, get ready for some Allen Robinson and Darnell Mooney kool aid.

Photo: Windy City GridIron via Doshi

Photo: Windy City GridIron via Doshi

1. Trubisky Deep Pass to Mooney for a 53-Yard Play

First up, Trubisky throws a beautiful ball 53 yards in the air on the roll out, and Mooney makes an acrobatic adjustment in the air to haul it in just short of the goal line.

2. Foles Throws a Rainbow Pass "to the L" for Miller on a 28-Yard Touchdown

Second, we find Foles finishing off an improbable comeback against Atlanta with this rainbow pass to Miller. The score gave the Bears the lead late in the fourth quarter.

3. Nick Foles Throws, and Allen Robinson Lays Out for a 24-Yard Scoring Play

The third play broke the tie against the Saints with Robinson fully laying out to haul in the touchdown.

4. Trubisky Pass to Graham for a 22-Yard Touchdown

Fourth, we see Trubisky briefly navigate the pocket before throwing a pass towards Jimmy Graham for a Bears score.

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5. Foles Tosses it Up to Mooney for a 50-Yard Pass Play

Next up, Foles connects with Darnell Mooney on this 50-yard play.

6. Trubisky Pass to Mooney for a 15-Yard Score

Sixth, we find Trubisky tossing a red zone pass up to Darnell Mooney for his first ever NFL touchdown.

7. Foles Throws it Up to Robinson for a 16-Yard Touchdown Play

Seventh, Foles finds Robinson for a great catch in the end zone during garbage time.

8. Nick Foles Throws a Prayer to Robinson for a 42-Yard Completion

Another play that may qualify as garbage time, but this was an incredible catch by Allen Robinson here.

9. Trubisky Throws a Dime to Miller for a Go-Ahead 27-Yard Scoring Play

Ninth, we see the Bears take the lead late in the fourth quarter of week one with this scoring play from Trubisky to Miller.

10. Foles to Mooney for a 33-Yard Pass Play

Last, and possibly least, we see Foles hit Mooney for 33 yards as the Bears are struggling to hang on against Indy.

Wrap Up

In total, Darnell Mooney gained 631 yards for the Bears in 2020. Therefore, his four catches listed here for 151 yards accounted for 24% of his total yardage on the season. Just imagine what those numbers could look like with a quarterback who can consistently deliver the ball downfield. Here is to hoping that the Bears 2021 top 10 pass plays are much more explosive due to the Bears new QB.

Chicago Bears

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