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Trace Armstrong Denies Rumors Of Joining The Bears

New details have emerged regarding former Bears player Trace Armstrong.
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Trace Armstrong Bears

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The Chicago Bears rumor mill is churning again and this time it involves former defensive end Trace Armstrong. Early reports indicate Armstrong was having conversations with Bears' ownership and management about joining the organization.

Trace Armstrong Joining The Front Office?

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports writes that Trace Armstrong talked with the Bears because the McCaskeys and Ted Phillips hold him in high regard. The former player retained his relationship with the Bears over the years and is currently a representative coaching agent.

Additionally, it's more complex because of Armstrong's relationship with current head coach Matt Nagy. Currently, Nagy is one of Armstrong's clients. The expectation surrounding Nagy is that he'll be let go after the 2021 season. The Bears' losing record and poor play make it easy to see why. Armstrong is reportedly a huge proponent of Ohio State coach Ryan Day and his connection to Justin Fields would make sense if he came to Chicago. The combination of the two would certainly point the Bears in the right direction, but it still isn't clear what conversations are actually happening.

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However, new developments surfaced a few hours after the initial reports. Trace Armstrong denies the reports that conversations are happening, stating they simply are not true.

Local Endorsement

It's not necessarily a bad idea to interview for the future. The Bears are a mess and they need all the help they can get. The abysmal offensive performance under the leadership of Matt Nagy is apparent. Chicago's inability to hire effective coaches and draft the right players is palpable and sickening. Trace Armstrong would be a fine addition to the organization and is endorsed by the Bears' own former wide receiver Tom Waddle.

The Bears have issues, there's no denying that. They lack proper leadership and have no one to steer them in the right direction. Trace Armstrong could help, and maybe they've talked about a partnership. Perhaps the initial reports from La Canfora are nothing more than a smokescreen before the Bears get embarrassed on Sunday Night Football.

Either way, the McCaskeys might want to hire a proper PR personnel team to get these kinds of things under wraps. The Thanksgiving week reports of Nagy's potential firing and now this report about Armstrong are two easy examples of the ineptitude that go quite literally all the way to the top of the Bears organization.