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"Unity" the Focus for the Chicago Bears Moving Forward

Takeaways from the McCaskey/Phillips portion of the Bears end-of-season press conference.
Ted Phillips George McCaskey Bears

Photo: Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Bears held a press conference on Wednesday morning that involved Chairman George McCaskey and President/CEO Ted Phillips.

After an 8-8 season and a Wild Card appearance that ended in a 21-9 loss to the New Orleans Saints, head coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace will return for the 2021 NFL season. This decision ignites feelings of disappointment among the Bears' fan base, but it's one that was made confidently by McCaskey and Phillips.

When fielding questions from the media, both of the aforementioned names preached unity and raved about the team's ability to stick together, especially through COVID-19 and their six-game losing streak. Although neither Nagy's nor Pace's contracts were expiring this season, the choice to move forward stems from their ability to collaborate and be good leaders, according to the upper brass.

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Phillips and McCaskey explained that what makes a franchise successful isn't just wins and losses, but the culture that lies within it. That, they both believe, is something the Bears have.

With that said, the President and Chairman of the Bears understand that there needs to be "improvement" or "progress" -- both terms were used interchangeably. They also claimed the 2020 Bears are closer to the 2019 team than the 12-4 group in 2018, despite the disappointing fashion in which this season unfolded.

Nagy and Pace are still working on year-end roster evaluations, but McCaskey and Phillips stated they have confidence in the returning tandem to take another swing at the quarterback position in the upcoming draft. Why? Again, the words "collaboration" and "unity" came up. There are plenty of decisions that need to be made in the very near future, all of which will be carried out by the same leadership Bears' fans have endured for a handful of years now.