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USA Today Predicts Bears to Finish 3-13

Nate Davis of USA Today has the Bears finishing second-to-last in the league.
Photo: Naomi Baker/Getty Images

Photo: Naomi Baker/Getty Images

Nate Davis of USA Today released his 2020 NFL season record predictions, and he has the Bears finishing with a whopping 3-13 record. Yep, coming off an 8-8 season in which everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong in addition to not losing any major key starters over the offseason, Davis predicts the Bears finishing a lowly 3-13. That would be tied for second to last in the entire league.

Now, a reasonable fan of football or sports in general may be asking the question, "How could the 8-8 Bears add Robert Quinn, Ted Ginn Jr., and a former Super Bowl MVP QB, regain a healthy Danny Trevathan and Akiem Hicks, and then finish with the second-to-worst record in the league?" That would be a great question. It is one that many of us here at On Tap Sports Net are asking ourselves.

Now, let's start with the facts. The Bears still do not have a great offensive line. They do not have any real proven stars on the offensive side of the ball outside of Allen Robinson. Nick Foles, while an upgrade over Trubisky, is not a sure-fire answer to the Bears' everlasting quarterback woes. Tashaun Gipson may not be the long-term partner to Eddie Jackson fans have been hoping for. There also is not a proven cornerback to go alongside Kyle Fuller on the roster at the moment.

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These are legitimate knocks on the Bears. These should not be argued. Now with that being said...

The Bears went 8-8 last year. Not only did they go 8-8, but they also did so with Akiem Hicks, Danny Trevathan, Mitchell Trubisky, and other key starters going down with injuries at various points throughout the season. The offense performed as poorly as they possibly could have performed. Everything went wrong, and the talent alone brought this team to 8-8.

So, after that disaster of a season, the Bears were still a .500 football team. Then they add a star free agent, and a few solid veterans, and a promising draft class, but somehow they're going to fall to 3-13? Again, there are many legitimate flaws with the Bears roster, but even the culmination of those weak areas won't amount to that of a bottom-of-the-league finish. Perhaps Nate Davis is a Packers fan or he just drew numbers out of a hat for the NFC North predictions, but all signs in the world will point to the Bears finishing the 2020 season with a record better than 3-13.

And the Lions at 7-9? If that's not enough to discredit these predictions...