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Week 13 NFL Power Rankings

Tennessee makes the biggest leap in this week's rankings.
Photo: Christopher Hanewinckel/USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Christopher Hanewinckel/USA TODAY Sports

Week 13 presents a chance for many teams to make a jump in the power rankings. With a full slate of football, the playoff picture and top of the power rankings will become more clear in a make-or-break week for a lot of teams. Where does your team stand heading into the final quarter of the season?

1. New England Patriots 10-1

Last Week: 1

The Patriots won another game in which the offense was sluggish and the defense stepped up. While there are some question marks in New England, the Patriots have the coaching staff, and roster to compete with anyone in the AFC. They just need to find their spark on offense before the end of the season.

Week 13: @ HOU; Sunday 8:20 pm ET

2. Baltimore Ravens 9-2

Last Week: 2

The Ravens went into Los Angeles and destroyed the Rams. Lamar Jackson is far and away the MVP frontrunner, and when you combine him with Baltimore’s elite defense, you get a Super Bowl contender. With a head-to-head victory over New England, Baltimore is only one game behind the Patriots for home-field advantage in the playoffs.

Week 13: vs SF; Sunday 1:00pm ET

3. San Francisco 49ers 9-1

Last Week: 4

The 49ers, like Baltimore, destroyed their opponent this past week. San Francisco’s ferocious defense halted Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. A potential Super Bowl preview takes place on Sunday when the 49ers travel to Baltimore.

Week 13: @ BAL; Sunday 1:00pm ET

4. New Orleans Saints 9-2

Last Week: 3

The Saints went down to the wire with Carolina on Sunday and took home the win. That victory pretty much locked up the NFC South for New Orleans, as they look to secure home field in the NFC trailing San Francisco by a game.

Week 13: @ ATL; Thursday 8:20pm ET

5. Seattle Seahawks 9-2

Last Week: 5

The Seahawks keep on winning, and, like the Saints, have their sights set on home-field advantage in the NFC. With a head-to-head win over San Francisco and another game left against the 49ers, the Seahawks control their fate in their division and the NFC.

Week 13: vs MIN; Monday 8:15pm ET

6. Kansas City Chiefs 7-4

Last Week: 7

The Chiefs reached a much-needed bye week after a disappointing first 11 games. While the offense has been stellar, the defense will need to improve for the Chiefs to have a shot at competing with New England and Baltimore in the playoffs.

Week 13: vs OAK; Sunday 4:25pm ET

7. Green Bay Packers 8-3

Last Week: 6

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers struggled against an elite defense in San Francisco. The Packers' defense continued to decline as well. If Green Bay wants to make a run at a Super Bowl, Rodgers will need to be more consistent along with the defense.

Week 13: @ NYG; Sunday 1:00pm ET

8. Minnesota Vikings 8-3

Last Week: 8

The Vikings appreciated a Green Bay loss to put them in a tie for first place in the NFC North. As Minnesota comes off a bye, they control their own destiny in a two-team race. If good Kirk Cousins shows up the rest of the way, I like their chances.

Week 13: @ SEA; Monday 8:15pm ET

9. Buffalo Bills 8-3

Last Week: 9

The Bills took it to the Broncos in a trap game on Sunday. As their defense and Josh Allen impress, their schedule to round out the season begins to get difficult. With a solid shot at reaching the postseason, Buffalo will need to gather a few more wins to feel comfortable.

Week 13: @ DAL; Thursday 4:30pm ET

10. Houston Texans 7-4

Last Week: 11

The Texans won a massive game in Indianapolis on Sunday. Houston now leads both Indianapolis and Tennessee by one game with five remaining. Deshaun Watson continues to impress in year three and can carry this team into the playoffs and beyond.

Week 13: vs NE; Sunday 8:20pm ET

11. Indianapolis Colts 6-5

Last Week: 12

The Colts jumped up a spot even with a loss this week because of how the teams around them have played. In a close division battle on Thursday, Indianapolis fell to the Texans and remain in second place in the AFC South. This Sunday, they take on the Titans at home for a game that may decide who will be challenging the Texans for first place at the end of the season.

Week 13: vs TEN; Sunday 1:00pm ET

12. Dallas Cowboys 6-5

Last Week: 14

The Cowboys jumped up two spots with a loss. Dallas fought through a rainy and foggy game in Foxborough. The defense stepped up against a sluggish Patriots offense, but the Cowboys' offense was just as sluggish. The Cowboys still sit ahead of Philadelphia, as the NFC East is shaping up to be a dogfight until the very end.

Week 13: @ ARI; Sunday 4:05pm ET

13. Los Angeles Rams 6-5

Last Week: 13

The Rams had a rough night against Baltimore on Monday. The offense still continues to struggle, and with no shot at the NFC West, Los Angeles will be fighting for a wild card spot with Minnesota or Green Bay.

Week 13: vs BUF; Thursday 4:30pm ET

14. Tennessee Titans 6-5

Last Week: 18

The Titans are 4-1 with QB Ryan Tannehill under center. He has rejuvenated an offense that is led by one of the best running backs in the NFL. Derrick Henry is a machine that continues to roll, especially against the Jaguars. With a tough schedule to end the year, we will see what the Titans are made of. They head to Indianapolis next week in a showdown of linemen who enjoy chugging beer.

Week 13: @ IND; Sunday 1:00pm ET

15. Pittsburgh Steelers 6-5

Last Week: 16

Pittsburgh lost an ugly game against the Browns when they needed to take home the win. With the Browns coming unhinged with eight seconds left, you would think they were the team coming up short. If Mason Rudolph doesn't improve his game, it will be tough for Pittsburgh to find a playoff spot.

Week 13: vs CLE: Sunday 1:00pm ET

16. Oakland Raiders 6-5

Last Week: 10

The Raiders got thumped against the Jets on Sunday to temper any high hopes I and many others had about them. A dismal performance on both sides of the ball led to a rough loss, especially with a massive game against Kansas City next weekend. If Oakland wants to stay in the race, what happened on Sunday needs to be fixed immediately.

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Week 13: @ KC; Sunday 4:25pm ET

17. Carolina Panthers 5-6

Last Week: 15

The Panthers came off a rough loss against the Falcons by taking the New Orleans Saints down to the wire. Unfortunately for Carolina, kicking problems kept them from overtime and maybe even a win in regulation. A rough stretch has seen Carolina fall out of the playoff race as they fight to keep those hopes alive against Washington next week.

Week 13: vs WSH; Sunday 1:00pm ET

18. Philadelphia Eagles 5-6

Last Week: 17

The Eagles have been hit by the injury bug this season, especially in their receiving corps. It has been downhill for Philadelphia since their Super Bowl win, but even at 6-5, the Eagles still have a shot at winning the NFC East.

Week 13: @ MIA; Sunday 1:00pm ET

19. Cleveland Browns 5-6

Last Week: 19

The Browns have rattled off three wins in a row to put themselves back in the playoff race. Cleveland fans have to feel better with the season as Baker Mayfield has played much better as of late. Even with slim odds, the Browns have given themselves hope and should take it one game at a time.

Week 13: @ PIT; Sunday 1:00pm ET

20. Chicago Bears 5-6

Last Week: 22

The Bears kept their very slim playoff hopes alive with a win against the Giants on Sunday. To make it, a lot would need to happen, but anything is possible in the NFL.

Week 13: @ DET; Thursday 12:30pm ET

21. Los Angeles Chargers 4-7

Last Week: 21

The Chargers season is likely over after a 4-7 start. We may be seeing the last of Philip Rivers in a Chargers uniform, as he is a free agent this offseason. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to a team with playoff talent after an off-year.

Week 13: @ DEN; Sunday 4:25pm ET

22. Jacksonville Jaguars 4-7

Last Week: 20

The Jaguars lost any playoff hopes after a thumping by Tennessee on Sunday. Nick Foles did not look good yet again, so this offseason will be decision time for Jacksonville — fan-favorite Gardner Minshew or former Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles. I’m not sure either can fix this Jaguars team.

Week 13: vs TB; Sunday 1:00pm ET

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-7

Last Week: 25

Tampa Bay continued a rebuilding year with a nice win over Atlanta. Bruce Arians has this team going in the right direction as they look toward 2020.

Week 13: @ JAX; Sunday 1:00pm ET

24. Atlanta Falcons 3-8

Last Week: 23

The Falcons couldn’t muster up a third straight win after two impressive ones before that. In a wasted year, Atlanta has been better, and should compete in 2020.

Week 13: vs NO; Thursday 8:20pm ET

25. New York Jets 4-7

Last Week: 28

The Jets have a few impressive wins on their resume this season. As playoffs look like a far reach, New York fans have to be thrilled about QB Sam Darnold. He has shown he can be a franchise QB, and they should have a better team in 2020.

Week 13: @ CIN; Sunday 1:00pm ET

26. Arizona Cardinals 3-7-1

Last Week: 26

Arizona has played most everyone tough this season. Their main goal continues to be the development of their young players, especially QB Kyler Murray.

Week 13: vs LAR; Sunday 4:05pm ET

27. Denver Broncos 3-8

Last Week: 27

The Broncos have had a rough year under first-year coach Vic Fangio. As a search for their franchise QB continues, there are a lot of other holes that need to be filled before Denver will be competing for a playoff spot again.

Week 13: vs LAC; Sunday 4:25pm ET

28. Detroit Lions 3-7-1

Last Week: 24

The Lions have talked about shutting down QB Matthew Stafford for the season, and rightfully so. A better draft pick would help, as the Lions could be contenders next season with a high-powered passing game. This year, however, too many injuries have taken them out of a race they once had a chance in.

Week 13: vs CHI; Thursday 12:30pm ET

29. Miami Dolphins 2-9

Last Week: 29

The Dolphins have looked decent as of late thanks to the play of QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. With next year looking like another rough year as well, Miami has a lot to do this offseason.

Week 13: vs PHI; Sunday 1:00pm ET

30. New York Giants 2-9

Last Week: 30

The Giants have had some tough times on both sides of the ball. Rookie QB Daniel Jones has been okay this season, but he needs to stop turning the ball over. The Giants have a long road ahead of them before they can have any sort of optimism.

Week 13: vs GB; Sunday 1:00pm ET

31. Washington Redskins 2-9

Last Week: 31

Washington took home their second win of the season to push them two games out of the first overall pick. It would seem the Bengals will take a QB first overall, so Chase Young could be joining former teammate Dwayne Haskins in Washington if they secure the second pick.

Week 13: @ CAR; Sunday 1:00pm ET

32. Cincinnati Bengals 0-11

Last Week: 32

The Bengals have a two-game cushion for the first overall pick, and they look to be headed in that direction. It would be wise to take a QB, but you can’t go wrong with Chase Young either. Whatever they do, the team needs a boost in 2020.

Week 13: vs NYJ; Sunday 1:00pm ET

Featured Photo: Christopher Hanewinckel/USA TODAY Sports