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Week 15 NFL Power Rankings

The Chicago Bears surge into the top 15 with a 3 game winning streak.

With just three weeks remaining, division titles in the NFC East, NFC West, NFC North, AFC East, and AFC South are all up for grabs. To go along with those, the final wild card spot in each conference is up for grabs. As the playoff picture becomes more clear, the power rankings continue to fluctuate everywhere behind Baltimore.

1. Baltimore Ravens 11-2

Last Week: 1

The Ravens went into a tough environment in Buffalo, and came out with their 9th straight victory. It was yet another impressive win for the Ravens, and paired with another New England loss, the Ravens have a two game lead on the Patriots for the number one seed. With only three weeks left, it looks as if the AFC playoffs will run through Baltimore.

Week 15: vs NYJ; Thursday 8:20pm ET

2. San Francisco 49ers 11-2

Last Week: 4

The 49ers won a high scoring battle in New Orleans on Sunday. While the 49ers have had some breakout games on offense, this offense explosion was something we haven’t seen out of San Francisco. With a massive win for seeding purposes, paired with a loss by Seattle, the 49ers control their own fate in the battle for home field advantage in the NFC.

Week 15: vs ATL; Sunday 4:25pm ET

3. New Orleans Saints 10-3

Last Week: 2

The Saints were on the other end of the battle with the 49ers on Sunday. A loss hurt the Saints chances at securing home field advantage in the NFC, but with a bye still in reach, the Saints know their high powered offense can lead them to that extra week of rest.

Week 15: vs IND: Monday 8:15pm ET

4. Seattle Seahawks 10-3

Last Week: 3

Week 15: @ CAR; Sunday 1:00pm ET

The Seahawks were atop the NFC West on Sunday morning with a win over the red hot 49ers to give them a tiebreaker. Unfortunately for Seattle, San Francisco won a tough matchup in New Orleans, and the Seahawks fell flat against the Rams. With an NFC West title and first round bye still in reach, the Seahawks should be motivated to fix what ailed them on Sunday night.

5. Kansas City Chiefs 9-4

Last Week: 6

The Chiefs went into Foxborough and took down the defending champions on Sunday. In a rematch of last seasons AFC Championship game, the Chiefs got an excellent effort from their defense while the offense did just enough to take home the win. If the defense plays like they did Sunday, the sky is the limit for Kansas City.

Week 15: vs DEN; Sunday 1:00pm ET

6. New England Patriots 10-3

Last Week: 5

The Patriots are 10-3 but have a lot of problems on offense. The wide receiver room outside of Julian Edelman is not in-sync with Tom Brady and he is showing his frustration on the field. As the season continues, the Patriots have only a few more games left to fix an offense that hasn’t clicked all year. There’s a real possibility for the first time in awhile, the Patriots won’t have a bye in the playoffs.

Week 15: @ CIN; Sunday 1:00pm ET

7. Green Bay Packers 10-3

Last Week: 8

The Packers racked up yet another win, but it wasn’t pretty once again for the offense. Every time you think the Packers are going to blow away an opponent after an opening drive touchdown, everything goes downhill. Green Bay is destined to make the playoffs, but won’t go very far if the offense doesn’t find some sort of consistency.

Week 15: vs CHI; Sunday 1:00pm ET

8. Minnesota Vikings 9-4

Last Week: 10

The Vikings’ offense has been one of the better offensive units in the NFL. As their defense continues to improve, the Vikings have a chance at taking the NFC North from the Packers. With a matchup of those two teams looming in week 16, the Vikings need to take care of business against the Chargers on Sunday.

Week 15: @ LAC; Sunday 4:05pm ET

9. Buffalo Bills 9-4

Last Week: 9

The Bills have shown they can win ballgames on either side of the football. Unfortunately, Buffalo ran into the hottest team in football on Sunday. Even though the Ravens won, the Bills made them look human for the first time in a few months. With the playoffs a lock, the Bills could be a dangerous team for anyone to play come January.

Week 15: @ PIT; Sunday 8:20pm ET

10. Los Angeles Rams 8-5

Last Week: 11

The Rams look to have found their offense once again. That’s two games in a row where quarterback Jared Goff has looked like the player that took the Rams to the Super Bowl last season. With the division out of reach, the Rams have a two game lead over the Bears and trail the Vikings by one game in the race for the last wild card spot. Like the Bills, the Rams could be very dangerous in the playoffs.

Week 15: @ DAL; Sunday 4:25pm ET

11. Houston Texans 8-5

Last Week: 7

Houston followed up an impressive win with a total clunker against the Broncos. As great as Houston has looked this year, they’ve had a few games like last week at home against Denver. The AFC South is wide open as the Titans and Texans are tied at 8-5 and play each other twice the last three weeks of the year. This week sees the Texans head to Nashville in each teams biggest game of the season

Week 15: @ TEN; Sunday 1:00pm ET

12. Tennessee Titans 8-5

Last Week: 12

The Titans continued to roll with Ryan Tannehill on Sunday. They improved to 6-1 with Tannehill as a starter, as the Titans offense has skyrocketed to the top of the NFL in scoring during those seven weeks. With the Texans coming to town this week, the Titans can take control of the AFC South with a win, and almost guarantee a playoff spot.

Week 15: vs HOU; Sunday 1:00pm ET

13. Pittsburgh Steelers 8-5

Last Week: 13

The Steelers and quarterback Devlin Hodges continued to roll as well on Sunday. Hodges was efficient yet again, and the Steelers defense was suffocating in a win in Arizona. The Steelers have a massive matchup against the Bills on Sunday, where they can take over the first wild card spot with a win. With a loss, the Steelers would be fighting with the loser of Titans vs Texans for the final wild card spot in the AFC.

Week 15: vs BUF: Sunday 8:20pm ET

14. Chicago Bears 7-6

Last Week: 17

The Bears have won three in a row and have put themselves in a position to make a playoff push. A Rams, and Vikings win on Sunday hurt their chances, but didn’t kill them. If the Bears can finish out the season with three more wins, followed by two Rams and Vikings losses, the Bears would be in the playoffs. A long road to the playoffs ahead, but a road nonetheless.

Week 15: @ GB; Sunday 1:00pm ET

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-7

Last Week: 18

The Buccaneers have also given themselves a three game winning streak. With it being too late for a playoff push, the Buccaneers can hopefully use this positive momentum to experience a successful 2020. If Tampa Bay plays as well as they have the last three weeks next season, good things are coming.

Week 15: @ DET; Sunday 1:00pm ET

16. Indianapolis Colts 6-7

Last Week: 14

The Colts chances at the playoffs in 2019 are gone. A once promising season has gone downhill. With some really good pieces, and one of the NFLs best general managers, the Colts will be better in 2020.

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Week 15: @ NO; Monday 8:15pm ET

17. Dallas Cowboys 6-7

Last Week: 15

The Cowboys are 3-7 after starting the season 3-0. Luckily for them, they play in the NFC East, and have a win over Philadelphia already. A division title may be in their future, but no chance they win a game in the playoffs.

Week 15: vs LAR; Sunday 4:25pm ET

18. Philadelphia Eagles 6-7

Last Week: 20

The Eagles are in the same position as the Cowboys. A bad year, in a bad division has kept them alive in a playoff push. If the Eagles can take the division, I believe like Dallas, they’ll have a tough time finding a win in the playoffs.

Week 15: @ WSH; Monday 8:15pm ET

19. Oakland Raiders 6-7

Last Week: 16

The Raiders chances at the playoffs ended against Tennessee on Sunday. The defense looked terrible again, and the offense couldn’t keep up. As the Raiders move to Las Vegas next season, the QB position will be a hot topic and rightfully so. Derek Carr has not been great lately, but one more year to show his worth is not inconceivable.

Week 15: vs JAX; Sunday 4:05pm ET

20. Denver Broncos 5-8

Last Week: 22

Two weeks in a row Drew Lock has showed out for the Broncos. In a thumping of the Texans, Lock got much deserved praise. The second round rookie has played himself into the starting role in 2020, and these final three games will be a good way for Lock to improve before a long offseason.

Week 15: @ KC; Sunday 1:00pm ET

21. Cleveland Browns 6-7

Last Week: 21

The Browns bounced back against the Bengals on Sunday. With the season coming to a close in three weeks, the Browns will have some work to do in the offseason. With reports that Odell Beckham isn’t happy, the Browns could seek a trade, but will likely try to improve a team that had high hopes for 2019.

Week 15: @ ARI; Sunday 4:05pm ET

22. Los Angeles Chargers 5-8

Last Week: 23

The Chargers and quarterback Phillip Rivers looked great in Jacksonville on Sunday. Even though the season is over, Los Angeles may want to see if Rivers could potentially remain with the team in 2020. Nonetheless, the Chargers can be spoilers the next few weeks, starting with Minnesota on Sunday.

Week 15: vs MIN; Sunday 4:05pm ET

23. Atlanta Falcons 4-9

Last Week: 25

The Falcons have looked more and more like the Falcons during the second half of 2019. It is a good sign for 2020, as the Falcons have a shot to compete for the playoffs with the talent on their roster.

Week 15: @ SF; Sunday 4:25pm ET

24. Carolina Panthers 5-8

Last Week: 19

The Panthers have gone way downhill since a 5-3 start. With a new head coach to be found, along with quarterback questions, the Panthers have a long offseason ahead. With Christian McCaffrey in the backfield, the Panthers have a shot at being a high powered offense any year.

Week 15: vs SEA; Sunday 1:00pm ET

25. New York Jets 5-8

Last Week: 26

The Jets followed up a rough loss with almost another rough loss. Luckily, the Jets got to kick the last field goal in a game that was all kicking. It’ll be interesting to see how the Jets end the season, as Adam Gase could be a candidate to be fired even after only one season.

Week 15: @ BAL; Thursday 8:20pm ET

26. Jacksonville Jaguars 4-9

Last Week: 24

The Jaguars have a lot of work to do in the offseason, and will most likely involve a head coaching search. With a lot of moving parts, Jacksonville may be moving towards a rebuild.

Week 15: @ OAK; Sunday 4:05pm ET

27. Arizona Cardinals 3-9-1

Last Week: 27

The Cardinals continue to struggle even though they stay close in almost every day. The development of Kyler Murray has come to a screeching stop, but as we have seen in today’s NFL, quarterbacks take time. This time next year will be a good barometer as to how Murray has progressed.

Week 15: vs CLE; Sunday 4:05pm ET

28. Detroit Lions 3-9-1

Last Week: 28

The Lions have not had starting QB Matthew Stafford for some time now. They haven’t played well without him and that’s understandable. Luckily for them, they’ll have a top pick in the draft to add to wherever they believe they need help. I’d look out for the Lions in 2020 as they have a talented roster.

Week 15: vs TB; Sunday 1:00pm ET

29. Miami Dolphins 3-10

Last Week: 29

The Dolphins almost pulled out another victory on Sunday but fell short. In a season that was a waste from the beginning, the Dolphins have shown they are moving in the right direction.

Week 15: @ NYG; Sunday 1:00pm ET

30. Washington Redskins 3-10

Last Week: 30

The Redskins almost pulled off an upset in Green Bay. Rookie QB Dwayne Haskins has looked better, but has a lot of room to improve. Fellow Ohio St rookie Terry McLaurin has been a stud all year and dazzled in the final minutes with an amazing catch.

Week 15: vs PHI; Sunday 1:00pm ET

31. New York Giants 2-11

Last Week: 31

The Giants and Chase Young look to be a match in next years draft. With either the first or second pick, New York will have Young as their top player available. It will be a step in the right direction in an offseason that’ll bolster a unimpressive roster in 2019.

Week 15: vs MIA; Sunday 1:00pm ET

32. Cincinnati Bengals 1-12

Last Week: 32

The Bengals are on a crash course with the obvious Heisman winner Joe Burrow. That addition could help bring Cincinnati back into relevancy after one of their worst seasons in franchise history.

Week 15: vs NE; Sunday 1:00pm ET

Featured Photo: Getty Images