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Week 16 NFL Power Rankings

The Atlanta Falcons soar into the teens in this week's power rankings.
Photo: Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Photo: Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

As we move into the final two weeks of the regular season, only 15 teams have a real shot at one of the 12 playoff spots. The top ten of the power rankings stays the same, outside of Houston jumping in. As divisions and wild card spots hang in the balance in week 16, where does your team stand?

1. Baltimore Ravens 12-2

Last Week: 1

Lamar Jackson is the NFL MVP, and the Baltimore Ravens are one win away from having home-field advantage in the AFC. An offense that only has gotten better and better along with a stellar defense has the Ravens as Super Bowl favorites.

Week 16: @ CLE; Sunday 1:00pm ET

2. San Francisco 49ers 11-3

Last Week: 2

The 49ers lost a trap game to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. While the Falcons are playing better, it is a loss that really stings for San Francisco, especially after the thrilling win in New Orleans the week before. If San Francisco isn’t able to beat Seattle in two weeks, they’ll have to go on the road in the NFC playoffs, which may be a difficult task.

Week 16: vs LAR; Saturday 8:15pm ET

3. New Orleans Saints 11-3

Last Week: 3

The Saints have positioned themselves for a likely bye in the NFC. Seattle and San Francisco play again, and the Saints schedule is light. If the Saints take care of business the next two weeks, they’ll be sitting at home during the wild card round.

Week 16: @ TEN; Sunday 1:00pm ET

4. Seattle Seahawks 11-3

Last Week: 4

The Seahawks bounced back after a tough loss against the Rams. With San Francisco losing, Seattle can clinch the NFC West with a win against the 49ers in week 17.

Week 16: vs ARI; Sunday 4:25pm ET

5. Kansas City Chiefs 10-4

Last Week: 5

Even though Patrick Mahomes may not be 100%, the Chiefs have looked much better both on offense and defense. If the team that has shown up the last couple weeks shows up in January, watch out.

Week 16: @ CHI; Sunday 8:20pm ET

6. New England Patriots 11-3

Last Week: 6

The Patriots got a much-needed win against Cincinnati. The Bengals played tough in the first half, but New England pulled away to end a two-game losing streak. The Patriots need to finish the season strong, or else they won’t have a bye in the AFC for the first time in a while.

Week 16: vs BUF; Saturday 4:30pm ET

7. Green Bay Packers 11-3

Last Week: 7

The Packers once again did not impress too much, but they got the job done to end their rival's season. Next Monday, the Packers travel to Minnesota in a game that might decide the division.

Week 16: @ MIN; Monday 8:15pm ET

8. Minnesota Vikings 10-4

Last Week: 8

The Vikings went into Los Angeles and thumped the Chargers. It was a lopsided victory the Vikings needed, but they may have lost Dalvin Cook to a serious injury. With a Rams loss, the Vikings seem destined to make the playoffs, but with a win against Green Bay next week, the Vikings could be looking at a division title.

Week 16: vs GB; Monday 8:15pm ET

9. Buffalo Bills 10-4

Last Week: 9

The Bills fought against a tenacious Steelers defense in Pittsburgh on Sunday night and pulled through with a victory. If Buffalo takes down the Patriots on Saturday, they would have a slight chance at taking the division.

Week 16: @ NE; Saturday 4:30pm ET

10. Houston Texans 9-5

Last Week: 11

The Texans won a sloppy game to give them full control of the AFC South. A win on Saturday would give them the AFC South title, but a loss opens the door back up for the Titans, as both teams play again in week 17.

Week 16: @ TB; Saturday 1:00pm ET

11. Los Angeles Rams 8-6

Last Week: 10

The Rams continued their up and down season by getting demolished by the Cowboys on Sunday. The Rams would need two Minnesota losses and two wins of their own to make the playoffs, or else a new champion will be crowned in the NFC.

Week 16: @ SF; Saturday 8:15pm ET

12. Tennessee Titans 8-6

Last Week: 12

The Titans once again had a turnover in the early part of their game that put them behind early. This time, they couldn’t recover. The Titans need some losses from the Texans or Steelers in the final two weeks if they want to make the playoffs.

Week 16: vs NO; Sunday 1:00pm ET

13. Pittsburgh Steelers 8-6

Last Week: 13

The Steelers lost a battle against Buffalo on Sunday night. With Tennessee also vying for that last wild card spot, the Steelers can’t afford another loss or else the Titans might squeak by.

Week 16: @ NYJ; Sunday 1:00pm ET

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-7

Last Week: 15

Jameis Winston and the Buccaneers have been rolling, and even without a chance at the postseason in 2019, Buccaneers' fans have to be very hopeful. If the Buccaneers add to a rough secondary and everyone is healthy, they could easily fight for a playoff spot and even a division title. Is Jameis back?

Image placeholder title

Week 16: vs HOU; Saturday 1:00pm ET

15. Chicago Bears 7-7

Last Week: 14

The Bears came out flat against the Packers on Sunday, and even with a bad missed call, the Bears dug themselves a hole they couldn’t climb out of. With no playoffs after high hopes coming into the year, the Bears will have some tough decisions to make in the offseason. If they can fix the offense, the 2020 Bears could resemble the 2018 version.

Week 16: vs KC; Sunday 8:20pm ET

16. Dallas Cowboys 7-7

Last Week: 17

The Cowboys are hard to predict. They get demolished by two decent teams in Buffalo and Chicago, but then demolish the Rams, who are about as good as the Bears and Bills. A massive matchup looms this week as Dallas visits Philadelphia in a game that looks to determine who will win the NFC East.

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Week 16: @ PHI; Sunday 4:25pm ET

17. Philadelphia Eagles 7-7

Last Week: 18

The Eagles played sluggish again but came home with a victory. The goal was to get to week 16 and have a chance to retake the division with a win against Dallas. That chance has come, but will the Eagles be able to kick their offense into high gear? I’m not sure they can.

Week 16: vs DAL; Sunday 4:25pm ET

18. Indianapolis Colts 6-8

Last Week: 16

The Colts season started with Andrew Luck retiring and Jacoby Brissett taking over the starting job. Brissett did well, but the Colts just never could maintain a winning record. With a talented team, the Colts will look to 2020, but they still may address the QB situation.

Week 16: vs CAR; Sunday 1:00pm ET

19. Atlanta Falcons 5-9

Last Week: 23

The Falcons have gone 4-2 after a 1-7 start. They have looked the part of a playoff team in that 4-2 stretch by beating both the Saints and the 49ers on the road. Quarterback Matt Ryan has looked like vintage Matt Ryan, and the Falcons hope this late-season success can roll over into 2020.

Week 16: vs JAX; Sunday 1:00pm ET

20. Oakland Raiders 6-8

Last Week: 19

The Raiders couldn’t get the job done against a really bad Jacksonville team. With how well the Raiders played early, they have played the exact opposite late in the season. As they move to Las Vegas, I believe Jon Gruden will have a new QB under center.

Week 16: @ LAC; Sunday 4:05pm ET

21. Denver Broncos 5-9

Last Week: 20

The Broncos could not take their momentum from a big win against Houston into Kansas City on Sunday. Drew Lock has played well, and they hope to see some growth in the last two weeks.

Week 16 vs DET; Sunday 4:05pm ET

22. Cleveland Browns 6-8

Last Week: 21

The Browns and first-year head coach Freddie Kitchens have not had the year they hoped for. Even though coaches usually don’t get fired after only one year, all the unnecessary drama coming out of Cleveland has me thinking Kitchens will be fired.

Week 16: vs BAL; Sunday 1:00pm ET

23. Los Angeles Chargers 5-9

Last Week: 22

The Chargers looked great last Sunday and terrible this Sunday. They have been too inconsistent this year, especially since they have a whole lot of talent.

Week 16 vs OAK; Sunday 4:05pm ET

24. Arizona Cardinals 4-9-1

Last Week: 27

The Cardinals played their best game of the season as Kenyan Drake had four touchdowns. The new offense in Arizona should be able to work for years to come, especially if Kyler Murray can continue to grow.

Week 16: @ SEA; Sunday 4:25pm ET

25. Carolina Panthers 5-9

Last Week: 24

The Panthers are planning on starting rookie QB Will Grier for the final two games of the season. Whoever the next head coach is will have a decision at QB in 2020, and honestly, Cam Newton is your best option.

Week 16: @ IND; Sunday 1:00pm ET

26. Jacksonville Jaguars 5-9

Last Week: 26

The Jaguars ended a five-game skid by ruining the Raiders' last game in Oakland. With a long offseason ahead, the Jaguars have a lot of decisions to make to be relevant again.

Week 16: @ ATL; Sunday 1:00pm ET

27. New York Jets 5-9

Last Week: 25

The Jets have been playing well, but running into the red-hot Ravens will certainly derail most teams. As Gase may not be safe heading into 2020, Sam Darnold has shown he can play, but he just needs to be more consistent.

Week 16: vs PIT; Sunday 1:00pm ET

28. Detroit Lions 3-10-1

Last Week: 28

The Lions will benefit from another high draft pick in 2020. If Stafford can come back healthy, all of the pieces are there for a team that needs to be in a position to win in 2020. If they aren’t, the Lions may clean house next season.

Week 16 @ DEN; Sunday 4:05pm ET

29. New York Giants 3-11

Last Week: 31

The Giants hurt themselves by winning on Sunday. Now it really isn’t inconceivable to see the Giants being out of the top-two pick in next year's draft, meaning no Chase Young.

Week 16: @ WSH; Sunday 1:00pm ET

30.Washington Redskins 3-11

Last Week: 30

The Redskins might have found something in Dwayne Haskins and Terry McLaurin. If they can find the right head coach and continue to add players, they could be looking like a contender in two or three seasons.

Week 16: vs NYG; Sunday 1:00pm ET

31. Miami Dolphins 3-11

Last Week: 29

The Dolphins have been better as of late but fell to the Giants on Sunday. Maybe, just maybe, the Dolphins can land Chase Young if they can secure the number two pick.

Week 16: vs CIN; Sunday 1:00pm ET

32. Cincinnati Bengals 1-13

Last Week: 32

The Bengals pretty much wrapped up the first overall pick in next year's draft. Hopefully for a franchise that hasn’t been good lately, QB Joe Burrow can come in and be the spark they need.

Week 16: @ MIA; Sunday 1:00pm ET

Featured Photo: Carmen Mandato/Getty Images