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What We Learned from the Trubisky and Foles Press Conferences

Bears' quarterbacks Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles both spoke to the media today and offered some more insight into their approaches to this season.
Mitchell Trubisky Nick Foles

Photos: Chicago Bears/YouTube

Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles both spoke to the media today and we were able to get a few key nuggets of information out of the interviews. The biggest bomb to drop, of course, was Mitchell Trubisky commenting on his mechanics.

A lot of fans were upset that this was the first time Mitchell Trubisky has formally worked on his mechanics. It also sparked the debate: who is more to blame, Trubisky or Nagy? To stay optimistic, I'll just say better late than never. Trubisky said he mainly focused on balance in the pocket, footwork, how he's holding the ball, and his release.

When it comes to the quarterback competition, we are starting to see that Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles are polar opposites. Foles talks about the importance of knowledge sharing and support in the quarterback room so it grows. Realistically, Foles sounds like the more seasoned professional, one who is more comfortable with the situation. He downplayed the importance of 'winning' the competition and said he was focused on becoming himself in this offense. Foles also expressed his comfort level in the offense saying he felt like he was at home. My favorite part about the Foles interview was how he admitted that at times he "freaked out" during his 2017 run with the Eagles, but then he'd find ways to block out the noise and focus on what was important. Foles just seems really comfortable and confident. He talked about the importance of not getting caught up in the competition.

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It's pretty clear that all the reports about Nick Foles being a good dude to have in the locker room were all on par. While I won't say Trubisky came across as a bad teammate in his interview, he did seem a bit more hell-bent on winning the starting job.

Trubisky made several comments like the one above. He talked about how he wants to prove all the doubters wrong and all of his teammates right. I found that comment intriguing and think it may have to do with how they've publicly supported him throughout his career.

Mitchell Trubisky also talked about upping the tempo with the rookies so they understand his sense of urgency to get things right and kick it in gear. He also commented on his shoulder injury. Trubisky didn't use it as a crutch, he simply stated that he'd rather not wear the brace and that he is fully healthy.

Obviously, this offseason has revolved around the quarterback competition, and who comes out on top will be up to Nick Foles and Mitchell Trubisky. It would be a welcome sight if these guys rubbed off on each other a little bit. Trubisky can learn valuable lessons from Nick Foles, specifically when it comes to dealing with outside noise and keeping his cool. I'd also like to see a little more of that 'I'm the number one guy for the team' mentality from Foles.