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Where is the "Pissed Off" Virginia McCaskey

As the Bears continue to spin into NFL irrelevance, where is the 'pissed off' Virginia McCaskey from years ago that suggested change?
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The last time Bears fans can remember being this deep in football hell was the Marc Trestman era. Fans weren't showing up to games and apathy towards the team began to form. On the day the Bears fired Trestman, the Bears brought the upper brass together. They were ironically asking "the why's". The Bears just weren't the same since they fired Lovie Smith. At a press conference, George McCaskey stated Virginia was "pissed off". Listeners could sense the bit of mother/son fear in his voice. Fans were optimistic the Bears were going to turn this thing around.

Attempt at Turning the Ship Around

The Bears brought in Ryan Pace, a young guy who had experience with the New Orleans Saints -- an annual playoff participant. Pace hired John Fox, who was fresh off a Super Bowl appearance in 2013. In the end, Fox treated the Bears' job as a kick-off to retirement. He led the Bears to a 14-34 record in his three years at the helm.

Everyone gets a second chance. So, Pace went out and hired Matt Nagy, an alleged offensive guru from the Andy Reid coaching tree. There is no need to beat a dead horse about how bad Nagy's tenure in Chicago has been.

Simply put, Pace has failed again. Not only with his coaching hires, but by trading away any and all draft capital for Khalil Mack and Justin Fields. It's the same MO that bit Pace in the butt on the first go around and fans are praying it won't be the same on the second.

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What Did "Pissed Off" Get Fans

After a "pissed off" Virginia McCaskey made headlines, the Bears compiled a 46-65 record while averaging just 20 points per game. If that sounds rather pathetic, it's because it is.

On Tap Sports Net's very own Justin Wasik even took a further look at George McCaskey specifically.

Every decade since the 1980s, Bears fans have been insipid about every hire the McCaskeys have made. A different variation of the following can be heard in just about any Chicagoland bar on any given Sunday, "He is too offensive-minded, he can't figure out the defense, he can't figure out how to develop guys, he is too soft-spoken, he isn't a 'new school' coach." When are the Bears finally going to have the guy that is just right for this cornerstone franchise?

Maybe the McCaskeys should just admit they have no idea how the hell to run a football team? At this point, it seems at this point they are only worried about the dollars funding their fur coats. And then wearing fur coats to hold (rare) Championship trophies.

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FILE - In this Jan. 21, 2007, file photo, Chicago Bears owner Virginia McCaskey and Chairman of the Board Michael McCaskey, left, react as they are presented with the George S. Halas Trophy after the Bears' 39-14 NFL football win over the New Orleans Saints to win the NFC championship football game, in Chicago. Making the presentation are Fox broadcasters Tony Dorsett and Terry Bradshaw, right. Michael McCaskey, who led the Chicago Bears for nearly three decades following the death of his grandfather George Halas, died Saturday, May 16, 2020, after a lengthy battle with cancer, the team said. He was 76. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

The McCaskeys should be worried this time around. The fan base can't be suckered forever. Although Chicago history tells us somewhere around 108 years is the longest Chicagoans can tough it out, things are starting to look bleak. Fans are at the point where they will do whatever it takes to get the McCaskeys to sell the team. Especially if this next regime doesn't hit.