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Where to Find "QB1: Beyond the Lights" Season 2, Featuring Justin Fields

Links to every episode of "QB1: Beyond the Lights" Season 2 featuring Justin Fields, the new Chicago Bears QB.
Justin Fields

For those who may not be aware, Netflix has a show called "QB1: Beyond the Lights". In this show, a film crew follows a few high school quarterbacks around the country for their senior seasons. In 2017, Justin Fields was featured in season 2 of this show. However, for some reason, Netflix no longer carries the first or second season. After some digging, we were able to find the missing episodes.

The episodes are currently streaming on for free. The web page is a little bit difficult to navigate, so rather than just posting the first episode and letting you figure out how to find the rest, we have compiled all of the links here for easy access.

Be sure to follow @ButkusStats and @BearsOnTap on Twitter for all your Bears needs. All links for season 2, featuring new Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields, are detailed below:

Episode 1: A Game About Life

It's senior year for quarterbacks Justin, Sam and Re-al. As top recruits, they'll be under the microscope all season, but are determined to live up to the hype.

- IMDb

Episode 2: Paying the Price

Justin and Sam kick-off their seasons with high expectations and something to prove. Re-al's team gets ready to travel cross-country to play one of the top teams in the nation.

- IMDb

Episode 3: Battle Ready

Re-al's season begins with a nationally televised game against one of the best teams in the country. After successful opening games, Justin and Sam set their sites on the rest of the season.

- IMDb

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Episode 4: Perception is Reality

Sam's team has to prove that their first win won't be their last. Tension is high as Justin goes up against the best team in the state. Re-al rehabs and regroups after his disappointing start to the season.

- IMDb

Episode 5: Something to Prove

In front of a hometown crowd, Re-al must prove that he deserves to be QB1. Off the field, Justin tries to lead the life of a normal teen. Sam takes stock after a disappointing loss.

- IMDb

Episode 6: Grace and Redemption

Justin has to confront his weaknesses when he battles a long time rival. Sam's teammates try to overcome their fears in pursuit of a winning season. Re-al's team travels to DC for another chance to be a National Champion.

- IMDb

Episode 7: Reality Check

Sam's team seeks retribution against an opponent that humiliated them last season. As Justin's college decision looms, anticipation in the community rises to a fever pitch. A "make or break" game for Re-al has a shocking conclusion.

- IMDb

Episode 8: Fully Committed

Re-al's position on his powerhouse team is in question. Justin makes a highly anticipated announcement in front of fans and media. It's homecoming and Sam prepares for the spotlight.

- IMDb

Episode 9: Sidelined

Justin plays a nationally televised game against a bitter rival. Re-al struggles with an injury and faces a tough decision about his role on the team. Sam's team is determined to break their opponent's perfect season.

- IMDb

Episode 10: Moving the Chains

Justin, Sam and Re-al take care of unfinished business and look towards the next chapter of their lives.

- IMDb