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Who Takes Over as the New DJ of Club Dub?

Who are the top candidates to take the role of Club Dub DJ?


With the departure of Josh Bellamy, the Chicago Bears are left with a void. Yes, we will miss his presence on special teams and this last season he came up with some big-time catches, but the void I am speaking of is team hype man - the big brother of the receiver room and the DJ of Club Dub. This was perhaps Bellamy's biggest role on the team as the Chicago Bears took the league by storm winning in impressive fashion week in and week out followed by celebrations in visiting locker rooms across the country as well as at the historic Soldier Field. Club Dub got so popular it was featured on Good Morning Football on the NFL Network, and the Barstool Sports merchandise store even carried club dub t-shirts.

In my 25 years on this planet, I have never had more fun watching the Bears, and let me remind you, my brother Jon and I were in attendance for Super Bowl 41 against the Indianapolis Colts. This team was going out and taking care of business week in and week out and at the end of the game they turned the locker room to a Vegas-style nightclub minus the supermodel bottle girls. This was even better, just a bunch of guys being dudes celebrating yet another victory on the gridiron with their brothers!

The obvious candidate to take over this role would have to be Tarik Cohen. The energetic young running-back is loved by everyone on the team and within the city. I can honestly say I've never even seen Tarik Cohen slander on Twitter. With Tarik being presumably being the starting running back this season, what better role could he have to compliment that than DJ of Club Dub?

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My second candidate is BoJack. Eddie Jackson is the best safety in the league, and I can and will argue that with any person any time any place. He is the X-factor in the secondary, a great leader, and an even better ball player. Jackson is notably close friends with Bellamy and can be seen in his music videos alongside him and former Bear Crev'on Leblanc. It's easy to see BoJack has the swag for the job, and his play on the field is unmatched. He is an all-around game changer. If BoJack gets promoted to the DJ of Club Dub, the party would not skip a beat!

My third candidate goes to Anthony Miller. This man showed all the way out with essentially one shoulder last season. He is young, energetic, and charismatic, not to mention an emerging receiver in the NFL. Miller is a great route-runner with elite speed that can have you looking at the back of his jersey before you know it as he scatters down the sideline for six. In addition, Miller can be seen turning up before games with his fellow receivers and definitely has what it takes to keep that same energy rolling into Club Dub after every victory this season.

My fourth and final candidate is the dark horse: Mitchell Trubisky. QB1 is the definitive leader and captain of the team. Yes, I know Khalil Mack is our best player and changed the outcome of our entire season last year. However, the entire team and the vast majority of the city is behind the young gunslinger. I will admit that until mid-season in 2018 I was one of those fans who wasn't sold on the young quarterback. He exceeded expectations in an offense with conservative play-calling, made the Pro Bowl, and like I said, I can't name a person in the organization that doesn't like Mitchell. I do believe he is a longshot for the DJ of Club Dub, but as the leader of the team, he does have a chance.

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