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Will the Bears Rethink Ticket Sales for the 2020 Season?

The Pittsburgh Steelers became the first NFL team to limit individual ticket sales.

The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to send the sports world into a frenzy. On Friday, the Pittsburgh Steelers made headlines when they announced they would only be selling half of their individual tickets for 2020, the first NFL team to make such an announcement.

While the news isn't particularly surprising considering the social distancing protocols in major cities such as Pittsburgh and Chicago, it is significant. Many believe this can have a ripple effect around the league, which has stood firm that the season will continue as scheduled. A memo from the league office was sent out to every NFL team on May 15. In the memo, teams were given specific instructions on how to move forward with reopening team facilities, with no more than 50% of their staff being present during the first phase.

How this will effect season ticket holders remains to be seen and chances are we won't see how this plays out until as late as July. However, one has to speculate how the Chicago Bears will handle this situation. The Bears were one of the select NFL teams who chose not to delay season ticket payments back in March, which can make things difficult in the event social distancing plays a major role this season. We could see a scenario where individual tickets are not sold from the team, with season ticket holders being the only fans in attendance. We could see a scenario where season ticket holders are offered a refund and those tickets are then sold to the general public. Perhaps there may be no fans in attendance at Soldier Field in 2020?

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At this point, all fans can do is sit back, crack a beer and see what happens.