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5 Quarantine Drinking Games to Play Over FaceTime

Even though social gatherings are on hiatus right now, technology and booze can bring us together.
Beer and Solo Cups

In these trying times all over the world, having to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic is hard for all of us. Between heartaches, separation, and seclusion, the virus leaves a lot of us in a state of loneliness. However, practicing social distancing is key to making sure that we, citizens of the world, can beat the damn virus. Your days may reign bored and nights drunk, but who says you can’t have a little fun while doing so? I’ve been experimenting with different drinking games via FaceTime with some friends that all of you should attempt to blow off some steam!

"Never Have I Ever" is a classic drinking game played since the cavemen, probably. It's hands-down the easiest game to get the hang of, and it sits nicely since it is calm and there’s not much continuous drinking and no chugging. Just grab a charger for your phone, set up FaceTime, point it at yourself, and ask away.

The next game up is flip cup. Like "Never Have I Ever," flip cup is a classic. When quarantine started, my friends and I kept it simple with just card games and phone games. We had to venture off into something new, so we attempted flip cup. This game has to be held higher on the honor system. Once you have angled your phone's camera to see your opponent’s cup, the rest is honesty. How much you have agreed to fill your cup is usually the largest discrepancy, but it’s all about fun. This game was easier because I have a girlfriend and roommate at my house, so not having to play one-on-one helped a lot.

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The next game is one I learned in college. Unfortunately, I only attended on the weekends. When visiting friends at Eastern Illinois University, money was always tight for obvious reasons, so we needed a good pregame. Power Hour was that game. Power hour consists of taking one shot (1.5 fluid ounces) of the beer of your choice, every minute, for one hour. A lighter beer is easier due to your stomach getting full halfway through. Group FaceTime can make this game more fun because you don’t want to just stare into your one friend's eyes as you’re dying. As a bonus, check out YouTube for a power hour mix. The ones I’ve found were always genre-specific and after sampling one minute of a song, you will be instructed to drink, and the next song will begin. This game is not as easy as it seems if you play correctly.

"Fuck The Dealer" is another game that worked out well over FaceTime. The side of the phone with the most players holds the deck of cards, then someone will flip for the players on the opposite side of the phone. This game was tested out with fellow On Tap Sports Net contributor Ron Luce, and it was a success.


"Connections" is another game I tested out with Ron Luce. Like "Fuck The Dealer," the side of the phone with the most players will have the deck and deal. This one is quite simple if you enjoy chugging copious amounts of beer. If your cards connect by face or suit, chug while the players around you count down.

There you have the five drinking games I was able to successfully play over FaceTime. If you’re not a drinking game person, FaceTime your buddies and watch a rerun on your favorite game and #CrackUm. I know there are more drinking games out there and I will continue to test them out and bring them your way. Stay safe and practice social distancing. Soon enough we will be able to play them in person again.