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5 Quarantine Drinking Games to Play Over FaceTime, Part 2

Relieve your quarantine boredom with these drinking games that can be played over FaceTime.

Welcome back for another installment of Five Quarantine Drinking Games to Play Over FaceTime. In this edition, I will discuss five new games. Some you may have played before, others maybe not. Regardless, run to the fridge, find a beer, and #CrackUm with me!

First up is drunk driver. Drunk driver is a game that can be played on just about any Nintendo system. There are only three rules while playing, but they all must be followed to ensure a fair game. Because you aren’t on the same television, make sure the race starts at the same time for each side. Once an agreed-upon racetrack is picked, be the first person to finish the race, and chug your 12-ounce alcoholic beverage of choice. The final rule is you cannot drink while driving! The game must be paused while you drink. My personal strategy is to chug the entire beer and then race straight through. Others may do the opposite, or drink and race sporadically. Lean up your phone against your back-up beer can, aim it at the television, and start racing!


Picolo is a drinking game you can download for free off of the App Store. While it may be more fun in person, it still works on FaceTime. You will need a second phone, one to control the game, and the other to run the FaceTime. If you do not have a second phone lying around and no roommate or significant other to borrow from, a tablet can also be used. You may come across parts of the game where you have to participate in a thumb war. Seeing that you are not in the same room, change it to a social drink so everyone keeps the booze flowing. Picolo is a nice, chilled-out game that you can play in the background while having conversations and such. There is also an add-on for the game which gives you four new packs to choose from in the App Store. Mention me on Twitter @DaGerbs and let me know which pack was your favorite! 

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Thunderstruck rolls in at number three, but it is not for the faint of heart. Here at On Tap Sports Net, we love AC/DC. This game is a White Sox tribute and my personal favorite Lot B activity. Thunderstruck is an absolute banger of a song off the band’s 13th studio album. The rules are simple, every time you hear the word “thunder,” you drink and you do not stop drinking until you hear it again. You make a circle and go in order in accordance with each "thunder" you hear. There are two truly badass guitar solos in the song, but they are awful to endure if you're the one chugging at those junctures. Group FaceTime works best for this because you’re going to need five players. If you are daring enough, the game can be played with at least two people. If you survive playing with only two people, let me know how much you hate me for putting this idea into your head.

Irish Poker is usually the first game that comes to my mind when someone brings up drinking games. The game is a classic, it's easy to learn, and it's a perfect mix of drinking. All you need for Irish Poker is your phone and a deck of cards. You lay out four cards face down in front of you, and one at a time you go around the table guessing your cards. Now, I’ve played many different versions of this game but my house rules are as follows: the first card to guess is black or red, the second card to guess is higher or lower than the first card flipped, the third guess is in between or outside of the first two cards, and the final card you must guess the suit. If you are correct, you choose someone or multiple people to drink the value of your card. So if you flip a queen you can give someone 12 seconds, or two people six seconds, or three people four seconds, and so on. You must do the same if you are wrong. Drink the entirety of your card and move on with the game.

Once everyone has flipped all four of their cards, the second part of the game starts. Depending on how many people are playing, you lay either eight or ten cards on the table. Half of the cards will be for giving out drinks, and the other half will be for taking drinks. When a card is flipped that matches yours, you place your card on top of it and either give away or take the seconds once again. Once all the cards on the table have been flipped over, the "bus," also known as the punishment, will be dealt for the player with the most cards remaining in their hand. I play with a plethora of different busses, so hit me up on Twitter if you’d like to know some different ones other than the traditional pyramid bus.

Last but not least, we have Most Likely To! Most Likely To is a game similar to Never Have I Ever and Would You Rather. It is a kind of drinking game that works in the background like Picolo. You and your buddies could just be bullshitting around a campfire and someone brings up going to a White Sox game. Then the question, "who's most likely to blackout during the tailgate" pops into your head. You count 3...2...1 and you all blurt out who you think it would be. You take a swig of beer for every person who says you. If the answer is unanimous take ten seconds, shotgun a beer, take a shot, whatever you’d like it to be. Most Likely To is easily customizable so you can make the questions and drinking rules fit you and your group of friends.

Well there you have it, five new drinking games to play on FaceTime during quarantine. I hope this was helpful in reducing your boredom. And as always, be sure to find me on Twitter and let me know what you guys think and if you had fun!