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PepsiCo and Boston Beer to Release Alcoholic Mountain Dew

PespiCo and Boston Beer have announced they are teaming up to create Hard Mtn Dew, a spiked version of the classic soda.
Alcoholic Mountain Dew

Photo: Boston Beer Company

There's about to be an entirely new meaning to the phrase "I'm all jacked up on Mountain Dew."

That's right, PepsiCo and Boston Beer, the creator of Sam Adams, announced that they have teamed up to create a spiked version of the classic chartreuse soft drink.

The creation will aptly be named Hard Mtn Dew.

In their official press release, Boston Beer offered details around the new beverage. Hard Mtn Dew will be considered a malt beverage, with an ABV of 5.0%. Boston Beer will handle the development and production, with sales, distribution, and merchandising headed up by PepsiCo.

PepsiCo's North America CEO Kirk Tanner said in the press release:

"For 80 years MTN DEW has challenged the status quo, bringing bold flavors and unmatched beverage innovation to millions of fans. The Boston Beer Company partnership combines two recognized leaders in our respective industries to address the changing tastes of drinkers and we are thrilled at the opportunity to create HARD MTN DEW that maintains the bold, citrus flavor fans know and expect."

- Kirk Tanner, North America CEO of PepsiCo

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A Response to The People

This partnership may be a response to a number of factors. PepsiCo has been acutely aware of the continued decline in soda consumption in recent years, and Mtn Dew has suffered the direct impact of that trend.

Additionally, it could be in response to Coca-Cola and Molson Coors' recent partnership in the Seltzer game.

Whatever the reason, PepsiCo knows it's time to take its classic beverage to the next level. Most importantly, they need to expand into new and older demographics. You could argue they're just catching up to their fans. Dew aficionados have been manually spiking Mtn Dew and its offspring Baja Blast for years.

Nostalgia Meets Adulthood

Photo: Mtn Dew/Facebook

Photo: Mtn Dew/Facebook

I, for one, am ecstatic to try this new concoction. I've been drinking Mtn Dew my entire life. As a kid in the 1990's, the obscenely sugary soda was the bane of my parents' and dentists' existence. I simply loved it.

As an adult, my consumption of Mtn Dew has dwindled, mostly due to my rapidly decreasing metabolism. However, I still enjoy the occasional 20oz from my local Casey's. The problem is that the Dew calories I've subtracted have simply been replaced by beer calories in adulthood. This feels like the best of both worlds for me.

For me, this is 'childhood nostalgia meets adult enjoyment', and I am 100% here for it!

Hard Mtn Dew is set to be released to the public in early 2022.