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Beer Review: Atlas Brew Works - Half Street Hefeweizen

If you're ever in DC during the summer, this Wheat Ale hits the spot.
Atlas Brew Works Half Street Hefeweizen Beer Review


While I was out in DC, the fiancée and I decided to hit up a Washinton Nationals game. Not only was Nationals Park at the Navy Yard beautiful, but they had a great beer selection too. The first one I picked was Atlas Brew Works' Half Street Hefeweizen beer.

Atlas has two brewery locations. One was on Half Street, where the Hefeweizen gets its namesake, between the Metro stop and Centerfield. When we walked by that location before the game, it looked nice but was very packed. The other is in the Northeast of DC on West Virginia Ave.

The beer at the stadium was served on draft. Half Street Hefeweizen had a burnt golden color and gave off banana aromas.

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Atlas Brew Works Half Street Hefeweizen

Photo: Matt Berklan/On Tap Sports Net

Atlas’ Hefeweizen is a Wheat Ale with a 5.3% ABV and 13.1 IBU rating. It is a seasonal beer and is only available May-July.

The Hefeweizen tasted like banana bread in a cup with other hints of citrus and clove. It was light and bubbly enough to be able to have a few at the game, but still very flavorful. The finish on it was just the perfect balance with a little dryness. It was one of the more flavorful beers I have had at a baseball game. I would definitely recommend it to anyone going to DC.