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Beer Re-Review: Sierra Nevada - Hoptimum

With a higher ABV in 2022, this triple IPA is still just as good as it used to be.
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co Hoptimum beer review

Apparently, I reviewed this beer two years ago but I don't remember it. Maybe that's because it's 11% ABV. I'm glad I grabbed this gem from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company because Hoptimum is as incredible as my old review says it was.

The 2022 Hoptimum has some sweet new artwork that I'm big fan of. It looks like an old-timey bar or Inn with the hops growing up the railing. Really digging it.

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum artwork beer review
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Hoptimum has almost everything I'm looking for in a beer. Each year that I come across it, I immediately have to buy it.

For as strong as Hoptimum is, it's unbelievably smooth. It's a classic style of triple IPA with a strong hops presence but is balanced out by a caramel sweet finish. It's also light-bodied, making it refreshing as well.

Looking at my article from two years ago, a 6-pack was $12.99. The great news is Hoptimum is still $12.99 for that same 6-pack and actually comes with a slightly higher ABV than before. Big props to Sierra Nevada.

Happy Drinking!