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Beer Review: Alaskan Brewing Company's White Ale

Another white ale is here for review!
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That's right the white ale guy is back with another white ale review! As you already know the white ale style of beer is my go-to favorite and this particular white caught my eye in the store because of the big ol' bear on the design. I wasn't looking for this either but after reading the brief description on the box I was sold.

"Don't judge a book by it's cover and don't judge a beer by it's concept artwork"

Whenever something is described as a Belgian-style witbier (translation: white beer) flavored with spices and citrus, I am already interested. This is my favorite style to drink and this one is no exception.

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This beer weighs-in at a mild IBU of 15 and an ABV of 5.3%, which is within the typical range of most white ales. This has an amazing taste very similar to the Florida Cracker White by Cigar City Brewing Company, only slightly less bitter. However, there are two cons to this ale but they do not affect my enjoyment all that much.

The Alaskan Brewing Company White Ale absolutely has to be ice-cold. I know this sounds like common sense but it's really true in this instance. Alaskan Brewing Company actually perfects their craft in the great state of Alaska and they use the 1,500 square miles of ice and glaciers as their water source. While indulging in this six-pack a huge storm hit our town and I left my beer, still canned, on the counter for about ten minutes. I poured it out and the taste was drastically different. I couldn't finish drinking it. Perhaps this brew, born from the water inside the Juneau Icefield, needs to remain ice-cold for it to really get across its full potential.

The second flaw and this might just be a personal choice, is this beer has to be poured into an open glass. It needs to breathe and the enticing, fruity aromas are too well done to be kept canned. I already prefer to drink out of a glass but this beer was almost undrinkable enclosed.

That being said, I highly recommend the Alaskan Brewing Company White Ale. It's fruity, refreshing, and light; making it the perfect sipper during a hot summer cookout. Indulge accordingly and don't forget to use #CrackUm with us on Twitter and show us what you're drinking!