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Beer Review: Arrowhead Ales - Raspberry Cheesecake Barricade

Arrowhead Ales' brilliance shines in another sour. This time, it's their Raspberry Cheesecake Barricade.
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Arrowhead Ales Raspberry Cheesecake Barricade

If you've been following along with our beer reviews, you'll remember that some of us are going on a bit of a sour-craze. I'm on that train as well, and this new sour did not disappoint. Naturally, when the local New Lenox brewery announced the Raspberry Cheesecake Barricade, we had to give it a try. The previously reviewed Blue Raspberry Vagrant can be revisited here and believe me when I tell you, both of these will be guaranteed additions to your sour arsenal.

Sporting a 5% ABV and a low IBU of 8, the Barricade is an extremely smooth yet strong and flavorful, fruity taste. I was genuinely surprised at how good the taste was and how subtle the sour was.

This beer was great when poured into a breathable glass yet it tasted just as great straight from the can as well. It comes in a four-pack of 16oz cans and costs about $16. It was well worth the price and I am most impressed with Arrowhead Ales yet again.

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My fellow sour-enthusiast BuzzOnTap enjoyed it quite nicely as well, which you can see below:

Be on the lookout for more adventures into the wonderful world that is Arrowhead Ales Brewing in New Lenox, as they are quickly becoming a big favorite with us at On Tap Sports Net. They have a key lime sour that is calling my name next!