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Beer Review: Barrier Brewing Co. - Stuntin' Triple IPA

At 10.5% ABV, Barrier Brewing Company created a powerhouse Triple IPA with strong flavor and a punch of alcohol.
Barrier Brewing Stuntin' Triple IPA

They always say, "never rest on your laurels". New York-based brewery Barrier Brewing Company took the old adage to heart.

Using their most popular beer (Money IPA) as inspiration, Barrier released the Stuntin' Triple IPA. At 10.5% ABV, this monster of an IPA certainly cashed in on its predecessor's strengths and took them to new heights.


Just like with the beer itself, Barrier used aspects of the Money IPA logo to create this one. A bearded beanie-wearing dude with tattoos and a Flavor Flav-esque chain flaunts his hydraulic lowrider. The Barrier Brewing "B" is inlaid into a setting sun.

It's the epitome of "stuntin'" and captures the theme of this brew perfectly.

Appearance and Aroma

When poured into a glass, Stuntin' has a dark golden, almost copper color. It's very hazy and basically opaque. The color has more of a matte finish than the bright and shiny color some IPA's have.

There was a decent amount of head on the pour, but it dissolved very quickly.

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I absolutely loved the aroma of this beer. Barrier used a combination of Citra and Comet hops to brew as well as dry-hop, and both come through strong on the nose. Powerful citrus notes are present up front, with aromas of oranges and grapefruit.


When you first take a sip of Stuntin', you're hit with a blast of citrus. The Comet hops add really nice secondary grapefruit notes that result in a dry and tart aspect to the beer. The taste is great, and it's pretty familiar to anyone who has consumed a fair share of citra-IPAs.

However, that's where the similarity ends.

On the finish, it becomes extremely clear this is a 10.5% ABV beer. Simply put, it's boozy. There's a sharp mouthfeel that leaves a surprisingly refreshing tingle in the mouth for a few seconds. The alcohol and Comet hops result in a pretty dry finish.

I suppose some people could consider this a turnoff, but I personally loved it. Many master brewers will do everything they can to mask high alcohol content. There's something I really enjoyed about feeling the booze in this one.

It was nice being reminded that what I was drinking was powerful.


I thoroughly enjoyed this beer. With a powerful aroma and flavor in addition to a punch of alcohol at the end, Barrier Brewing Company went big with this Triple IPA.

Just like its animated mascot, nothing about this beer is under-stated, and for a beer with a bold name like "Stuntin'", that's how it should be.