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Beer Review: Bell's Brewery - Black Hearted IPA

If you enjoy Bell's Brewing's popular Two Hearted Ale, you should try out their Black Hearted IPA for a wintertime changeup.
Bell's Black Hearted

So we're all familiar with Bell's Brewery and we all know about their popular Two Hearted Ale. But have you seen the new Black Hearted IPA? Well, you have now. The black IPA was just recently released and it could not have come at a more perfect time with the polar vortex we are currently experiencing.


Black Hearted pours straight black with three finger widths of beige foam. The aroma consists of roasted coffee. The taste is very similar to the Two Hearted Ale but with a roasted coffee backbone. If you've never had a black IPA before, I would describe it as a cross between an IPA and a stout. It keeps the bitterness and hops you want from an IPA but still gives you those warm and fuzzy roasted notes you look for in a stout.

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Just like an IPA, this is one you can crush all day long, especially with how cold it is. It checks in at 7% ABV and comes in a six-pack for an average of $10.99 at Binny's. Black Hearted is an easy recommendation. I hope Bell's Brewing continues to make this one moving forward -- hopefully a little earlier in the season next year.

Happy Drinking!