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Beer Review: Deschutes Fresh Haze

A review of Deschutes Fresh Haze

Nothing like cracking open a brew on a Friday afternoon to start the weekend off right. Today I am cracking open a Deschutes Fresh Haze.


I am a huge fan of Deschutes and almost all of the beers in their lineup. After a trip to Portland a few years ago, I came back with an addiction Fresh Squeezed IPA. Since then it has been one of my favorites and my go-to IPA when available. So when I saw that Deschutes made a Fresh Haze version, I had to give it a go.

Weighing in at a 6.5% ABV and 45 IBU, it's definitely a solid brew to start off a long weekend of beer drinking. The first thing that hits me is the orange taste. I feel like I am getting a great dose of Vitamin C and drinking a beer at the same time. It is advertised as a Hazy twist on your main Squeeze and that's definitely what I get from this. For an IPA, it is also very drinkable. Easier than Fresh Squeezed. It's not too harsh so I could see myself easily having three or four of these before I knew what happened to me.

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As I finish the last sip, all I can say is the battle for fridge space may have added another contender as this beer will certainly be added to my rotation. Happy Friday. #CrackUm