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Beer Review: Firestone Walker – Hopnosis

If you're looking for a refreshing, crushable beer with some punch, look no further than Firestone Walker's Hopnosis!

The folks over at Firestone Walker were kind enough to send me a three-pack sampler of Hopnosis, along with a couple bonus goodies.

What a beautiful package

What a beautiful package

I've had plenty of what Firestone Walker has to offer, but this was the first time enjoying Hopnosis. A relatively new offering that I have now seen at Binny's for a respectable $10 in a six-pack. With an ABV of a respectable 6.7% there is solid value to be had.

Firestone Walker Hopnosis
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Hopnosis pours a bright, hazy orange color with a picture perfect inch of head. Aromas are light and tropical fruits. The taste is also mild fruits with pine. 

The great thing about Hopnosis is that it is brewed with Cryo hops. These hops give a sort of crisp, light flavored body to the beer. It makes beers refreshing and crushable and this is exactly that.



If you want an easy drinker with good flavor, then look no further. Hopnosis is mostly sweet on the front and ever so slightly bitter on the back end, making it very well balanced and just an overall enjoyable beer. This is a winner, and go get yourself some Hopnosis!

Happy Drinking!