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Beer Review: Foreign Exchange - Evolutionary State

Foreign Exchange Brewing Co.'s Evolutionary State is a barleywine beer that tastes exactly like maple syrup at 12.5% ABV.

Foreign Exchange Brewing is relatively unknown to me, but after quickly examining the can it's currently being brewed by Church Street in Itasca. However, it does look like they are close to opening their own location in Aurora.

Foreign Exchange Evolutionary State

I've always said my second favorite beer style after an IPA is a barleywine. Barleywines are typically caramelly, a little bitter, and have a high ABV content. Evolutionary State is just like that, but with maple syrup and vanilla flavors blended in. Upon pouring, it's a dark amber maple syrup-like color with a half inch of tan colored head. The aroma consists of caramel and vanilla. The taste features just a mild amount of bitterness on the front, in the middle it's the Madagascar vanilla with caramel, then on the finish it's all maple syrup. I would describe the mouthfeel as medium.

Ok, I'm not going to lie, Evolutionary State tastes exactly like maple syrup. If I could figure out how to thicken this up, I would pour it onto my pancakes. Melt a little butter on there, fantastic. The only downside is it came in only a two-pack for $13.99, but I love me a good barleywine so I really wanted to give it a try even though it's a bit pricey. I am very happy that I did because Evolutionary State is a delicacy.

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