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Beer Review: Founders - Oktoberfest

Founders' Oktoberfest is a light, crisp, easy-drinking seasonal beer that comes in 15-packs.

When I saw Founders tweet out a picture of these a couple of weeks ago, I knew I would be partaking. They are one of my favorite breweries, not only because of the quality beers but because Founders really knows how to treat their customers well. This is another one of their beers that comes in a 15-pack. At 6% ABV for $15.99, this is a great deal. Other 15-packs come at a slightly better value, but even though this is a new release, they kept it at the normal price.

Founders Oktoberfest Beer

The only gripe I have with Oktoberfest beers is that they are all pretty much the same. Now they are all good, but I like a little variation in my beer. I would think a brewery would want to put their own little spin on the style. With that being said, Founders Oktoberfest seems to hit the style right on the nose. This is a very typical malty, sweet, Märzen style beer. Again, if you like the style, you would like this beer and it might benefit you to grab a case. It is a light, crisp, easy drinker for the style and I will probably end up restocking at some point even though I am making it my mission to find something that strays a bit away from what's typical of an Oktoberfest.

Happy Drinking!

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