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Beer Review: Great Lakes - Oktoberfest

Great Lakes' Oktoberfest beer packs a 6.5% ABV punch and a rush of crisp flavors.

I am going to take the advice of my Aussie Twitter friend, Jason, and keep this one short and sweet. If you like Oktoberfest style beers, you will like this beer.

Great Lakes Oktoberfest Beer

A new Oktoberfest king has been crowned and it's the Great Lakes Brewing Company version. I know it's early and this is the second Oktoberfest brew that I'm already praising, but it is perfect in my eyes.

What can I say? I really love beer and I get excited every year when these start to come out. Especially with the weather forecast looking to be turning, I will be redirecting my energy to a great deal of Märzen style beers. I was enjoying a few of these outside before making a perfect T-Bone steak on the grill with some mashed potatoes, and man is this beer great. It's enjoyable both enjoying the cooler weather outside and also pairs well with food. This one has a great combination of malt, caramel, and almost a brown sugar flavor to it while being a bit crisper. I think the slightly higher ABV of 6.5% benefits this style. It seems to give a little more depth to the beer.

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Alright so maybe it wasn't so short, but it wasn't as extensive as past reviews. But yes, if you enjoy the Oktoberfest style of beer, Great Lakes should absolutely be number one on your list.

Happy Drinking!