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Beer Review: Gummiskey vs. Cubbie Gummy

The ultimate competition of Chicago beers!

On tap today we have the ultimate match-up. We have Noon Whistle's Gummiskey going head to head with their crosstown rival Cubbie Gummy. Who is going to come out on top? Stay tuned to find out!

Up first we have Cubbie Gummy. Once on the path for sustained success and even finally reaching the highest of highs, is now hanging on to every thread of hope and I have to be honest, it's not looking good! On paper it looks good, a NE IPA with an honest 6.1% ABV. While pouring into the glass it even looks as good as it once did a couple years ago. A respected hazy light orange color, a light but firm quarter inch of foam, all have the makings of what some would consider a favorite to take the division. We have our first sip of the game! Oh no, it's a strikeout. It has immediately come out flat. It seems to have no energy whatsoever. What is Cubbie Gummy going to do? I am sure it will perform well enough to keep the attention of it's fans, but overall I would call this beer just average.


Next we have the up and coming Gummiskey. This is a younger, stronger, and better looking all around beer with loads of early expectations to come out and compete right away, and I hope it can handle the big stage. Right off the bat you can see the youthful energy pouring out of the clubhouse and into my stein. Up to bat, AND ITS OUTTA HERE, Gummiskey is rounding the bases with an infectious orange glowing smile. This could get ugly quick for Cubbie Gummy.

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So there you have it folks. This one was over before it even began. Gummiskey came out swinging the lumber and Cubbie Gummy never stood a chance. If I had to choose a bandwagon to jump on it would definitely be the Gummiskey. Thanks for tuning into my review and I hope you enjoyed the outcome.

Happy Drinking!