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Beer Review: Heretic Brewing's Make America Juicy Again

This juicy New England-style IPA is a great change of pace from your typical IPAs. It's incredibly refreshing and worth a try.
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I was really surprised when I cracked open Heretic Brewing's Make America Juicy Again. I typically don't indulge in many IPAs, but a friend brought them over and I said why the hell not? The first thing I noticed was the simple art on the outside of the can. It's not crazy, but it's simple. I can appreciate really intricate can art but there is something refreshing about simplicity every once in a while.

Taste and Hops

Make America Juicy Again is a New England-style IPA that packs some great taste. Before I even opened it, I checked out the can and noticed no IBU rating on the outside. I thought this was interesting considering it's an IPA and that detail is usually included. It's possible that I had a misprint on the label but it's also not a deal breaker either. We were drinking this whole six-pack no matter what.

Photo: Heretic Brewing

Photo: Heretic Brewing

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This beer has a nice 6.5% ABV so it gives you a nice buzz and also packs a punch of taste. I thought it was delicious! It's very juicy taste is a sweet divergence from some typical IPAs and was very refreshing.

Make America Juicy Again is not a very bitter IPA. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it got me really curious. Upon a quick visit to Heretic Brewing's website, I found the IBU rating is 40. Furthermore, they detailed that this particular beer isn't brewed with any bittering hops.

Heretic Brewing is located in Fairfield, California and I'll definitely be making a pitstop if I'm ever out that way. They have several different versions of these New England-style IPAs for a nice variety.

Make America Juicy Again is a fantastic beer and definitely worth looking out for. It's a refreshing and juicy experience that's perfect for a summer ball game.