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Beer Review: Hop Valley - Cryo Hops Stash Pack

A 4-in-1 review of Hop Valley's Cryo Hops Stash Pack.

I started to see this Hop Valley Stash Pack at literally all of my spots recently. It happened out of nowhere, so I needed to know more. Hop Valley Brewing Co. is based out of Oregon, and in the last couple of years was bought up by Molson Coors. That explains why their beers are suddenly everywhere, as the Molson Coors connection allows their products to be more widely distributed.

I have seen this pack at Binny's, the Jewels, and even my local mom-and-pop place around the corner that doesn't have a very wide selection. Usually, I see it for around $16 or $17, but one day at the Jewels it was listed for $11.99. That was a bargain that was hard to pass up. Even at the normal price, it's still a solid deal for a 12-pack.


Bubble Stash is a light, crisp, refreshing IPA. I taste a little lemongrass and it is only slightly bitter, but the cryo hops make it go down very smooth. It has an ABV of 6.2% and an IBU rating of 45. This beer is available at Guaranteed Rate Field in the Craft Kave, and I think this would be a great choice at the park on a hot day.

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Mango & Stash is the weakest of the bunch with a 6% ABV. It is also the lightest in regards to taste. It's like a very watered-down IPA with a little mango thrown in at the end. Now, this isn't all bad. It is still very refreshing and an easy one to slam with virtually no bitterness.


Stash Panda is a nice lighter Hazy IPA. It has an enjoyable citrus flavor with orange and grapefruit notes. This one is a little more flavorful than the Mango & Stash and also packs a slightly stronger ABV punch at 6.5%. Stash Panda is another beer that is very easy to drink.


Cryo Stash is easily my favorite of the bunch. This one is an Imperial IPA that I was most excited to try with an 8.4% ABV, which is significantly higher than the other three. I poured this one into a glass a couple of times, but I've also been drinking it straight out of the can. Both options have been great. What stands out most about Cryo Stash is the light caramel flavor backbone. It also has just a slightly fruity taste to it, which makes it very well balanced.

Cryo Hops Stash Pack is a winner in my book. If you're looking for a bargain with some solid brews, this is an easy sell. All of the beers are highly drinkable and taste great straight from the can. I highly recommend trying this one out.

Happy Drinking!