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Beer Review: Lagunitas' Sucks

It really doesn't, but it's the name of the beer...

Just kidding, it doesn't. That's just the name of the beer. This is my first Lagunitas beer review in awhile and it's one I've been keeping an eye on for quite some time. It seems to come and go quickly and I haven't been able to snatch a six-pack, UNTIL TODAY.


Lagunitas Sucks is a fantastic looking, 24 karat gold beer. This beauty comes with an inch of dense foam that has some wonderful looking carbonation. The aroma comes off a little dank and hoppy. Its an absolutely incredible beer.

So the story of this beer's conception starts a few years back. Lagunitas realized they wouldn't be able to brew their fantastic Brown Shugga' Ale, so they ended up doing this one. To me it seems like they just kind of threw in whatever they had laying around, and the results surprised everyone.

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I love the complexity of this beer. One things for sure, this beer is bitter all around, but I get all of the different grains at once. It comes off as rye, wheat, barley, and maybe a little sweet malts or lemongrass, wrapped into one, delicious beverage.

Again, Sucks is probably 90% bitter, so if that's not your thing then stay away. For me, it's awesome. This beer is a good sipper and at 8% you will not go through the six-pack very quickly. I'm on my 3rd, but this is purely for scientific purposes. Don't try this at home! Or do. Whatever... you get it.

Happy Drinking!