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Beer Review: Maplewood – Sidewalk Surfer

Sidewalk Surfer is a west coast style IPA, with hints of a New England style finish. The Maplewood Brewing product is a must try!

I was very excited to see this one from Maplewood at my local beer shop. Maplewood is a very popular Chicago brewery, especially with the likes of Fat Pug and Juice Pants. This was the first time I've seen a double IPA from Maplewood out in the wild. I've heard of some floating around, but I've never come across one, so this was a must try.


Sidewalk Surfer is described as a west coast style IPA, brewed using Strata, Mosaic, and Chinook hops. It pours a rich, amber color with about an inch of head that dissolves after a few minutes. Sidewalk Surfer comes off as mostly west coast style but with a little bit of a New England style finish to it. It starts off clean and crisp with a nice piney bite to it, but then finishes off with juicy tropical fruits. It sports a smooth 8% ABV that seems to not even be there.

I honestly hope this is a sign of what's to come from Maplewood because Sidewalk Surfer is absolutely fantastic. It is easily my favorite beer I have ever had from them, which is saying a lot. It seemed like my local Binny's was already running low on stock, so I recommend hunting this one down as soon as possible.

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