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Beer Review: Mumblegeuse - Illuminated Brew Works

This beer is amazing. It has a little bit of everything I like in a beer. It's hoppy, hazy, and it's creamy.
Photo: Illuminated Brew Works/Facebook

Photo: Illuminated Brew Works/Facebook

Today's beer is brought to you (me) by Chicago's own Illuminated Brew Works. According to the can, the beer is actually prepared by Great Lakes Central Brewing Company in Chicago, which I guess just does the labor? I found this one at Binny's today in a four-pack of 16 ouncers for $12.99. Full disclosure, I had this beer one other time around Thanksgiving and remembered enjoying it very much.

Looking up this beer, I realize it is a rotating beer. That means it's only around once in a while or once a year. Realizing I last had this beer in November, I thought I'd take a look at the canned date -- 10/6/19. I now remember this was the last one on the shelf. This isn't really a problem for me, as it was only five months. I'm a bit of a beer snob, but not THAT big of one. Especially with this beer being 9% ABV, it should be even less of an issue. If you find this as a problem, it looks like this is a beer released every fall, so be on the lookout.

The beer is described as a double dry-hopped double IPA. I could not find an IBU rating, but I feel like it has to be around 70. As I mentioned, it's 9% ABV.

Whoaaaa... Amber is the color of my beer

Whoaaaa... Amber is the color of my beer

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What an absolutely beautiful looking beer. 9.5/10 on the color and pour alone. You'll also notice all the different hues of amber from the natural light thanks to my wonderful photography skills. It pours a nice 3/4 inch of white foam on top that takes a bit to taper off.

Because I'm curious like a cat, after I try my beers I like to look them up online to see what other people thought. Surprisingly, there are only a few reviews on this beer. Well, this beer is amazing. It has a little bit of everything I like in a beer. It's hoppy, hazy, and it's creamy. On the can, it says it's brewed with oats and rye to create the creaminess mouthfeel. I've had plenty of rye IPAs, but I think I'm going to have to check out some of these other beers brewed using some oats. It also has plenty of citrus and what tastes like mango to me. It's juicy on the middle and packs a dry finish on the back. I just notice enough of the 9% ABV to know I'm drinking a stronger beer.

For me, this is just about everything I'm looking for in a beer. They claim this is a perfect Autumn beer, but man do I wish this was offered year-round. Give me this beer in a 12-pack for about $20 and I would slam these (and be hammered) all year long, especially in the summer with the juiciness it offers. I give this beer a 9.2/10.

Happy Drinking!

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