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Beer Review: New Belgium – Juice Force

This Hazy Imperial has a high ABV that could be a good place to start with for new consumers to this style.
New Belgium Juice Force IPA Beer Review

New Belgium's Juice Force is the latest entry into the long line of Voodoo Ranger IPA offerings from New Belgium. Today was the first time seeing it and I was pulled in by the fact that it's a Hazy Imperial with a 9.5% ABV.


All of the Voodoo Ranger beers have been high quality so I had high hopes for Juice Force. These high hopes immediately turned to disappointment upon the first sip. The short version is, it tastes like a watered down orange juice with a hint of mango mixed in. On the finish, there is an ever-so-slight amount boozy vapors.

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If there's a positive to be taken from New Belgium's Juice Force, it's that being a bland IPA makes it an extremely drinkable 9.5% ABV. If you are hesitant to try a stronger IPA, this one might be good to try out. For me though, it's going to be a pass.

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