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Beer Review: PaLeD iT! - Saugatuck Brewing

A review of Saugatuck Brewing's Pale It

Ah... Memorial Day weekend, a great time to crack a few beers, enjoy some time with family and friends, and watch a ballgame. While I am doing just that I stumbled across Saugatuck Brewing's PaLeD iT!.

PaLeD iT! is an American Pale Ale that comes in at 5.5 ABV with 19 IBUs. It pours a lot lighter than I would have expected, but still has a bit of a golden haze. The aroma is slightly tropical.

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The first sip goes down easily and is extremely refreshing on a warm afternoon. The taste, just like the smell is very tropical, as the main flavor I tasted while drinking this beer was grapefruit. Overall this beer is more fruit forward here than hop forward. It is definitely the type of Pale Ale you can have a few of in the backyard while grilling up some burgers. As it only weighs in at 5.5 it isn't heavy enough to knock you out after just one or two, leaving you able to have a few (or more of these) over the course of a ballgame or family function. I advise you to give this one a try next time you see it.