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Beer Review: Practicing Social Distancing with OIB's Beezer IPA

A beer review of OIB's Beezer IPA. Cheers!

If you are responsibly practicing social distancing (which we all should be doing!) then you might as well be doing it with a helluva good beer. Where might you find a great-tasting beer that can prevent you from going stir crazy after days of not going to the bar you ask? OLD IRVING BREWING (not a sponsor, but I do like beer ;) ). Right off the Montrose blue line stop in Chicago, you can find the brewery where these beer wizards are crafting up some great beers.

That said, I'm here for one beer only…..the Beezer Hazy IPA. Prior to drinking this beer I was a Kölsch and lager loving fool, but this beer has 100% changed the game for me. But enough of my enlightenment lets get to the review. I'll be getting straight to the point by focusing on two main criteria, color and taste.


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Damn is the pour beautiful. The beer flows out of the can as a golden orange and ends with a large head. It almost looks like a combination of orange and mango juice. The consistency looks slightly thick considering how hazy and non-translucent this beer is compared to my usual Wit Beer. The overall look reminds me of an unfiltered beer and is very inviting.


Just wow. Upon taking my first sip, my biggest surprise was how smooth this beer is going down. It didn't have as much crazy carbonation as a lot of beers and instead it had a smoother silky consistency. The first taste you get is citrus. Almost a combination of orange, lemon, and maybe a little mango in there but not overpowering at all. Which makes sense considering the beer features a combination of mosaic and citra hops, both known for their strong floral, citrus, and herbal flavors they bring to the profile of the beer. This is followed by the very slightly bitter after taste reminding you that you are indeed drinking an IPA.


I have to give this beer a 9.3/10. Its very easy to see how this beer won the Great American Brewing Festival's title for best hazy IPA. It is very easy to drink even if your not an IPA lover like I am. I do not enjoy the heavy bitter aftertaste most IPAs I have drank have and thankfully this does not have it coming in at 45 IBU. The flavor is rich and filled with a complex citrus flavor that is perfect for any season. Seriously, you need to check out this beer. Especially before I go to all the local Binnys and buy it out (joking of course).