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Beer Review: Simpler Times Pilsner

A review of Trader Joe's Simpler Times Pilsner


With this beer, I believe I may have struck gold. While walking up and down aisles searching for whatever was on the shopping list that given day, I noticed Trader Joe’s sold beer. Not any beer, their own exclusive house beer. Upon discovering that information and being the big beer guy I am, I figured I’d venture out and give it a shot.

Simpler Times is a pilsner sitting at a respectable 5.5% ABV. With a smooth swig and a fantastic aftertaste, you could be holding one of these bad boys while playing beersbee in the summer or cuddled up next to a fireplace in the winter. Now it’s not the lightest of beers, but it's far from heavy. You could easily drink the beer all evening without feeling super full and bloated by the end of the night.

Like I mentioned before, I’m a big beer guy, but specifically a Bud Light guy. I don’t usually hop around trying new beers too often, but this one definitely broadened my horizons. Maybe I’ll leave my shell and go pick up a “make your own six pack.” I am excited to try the other Trader Joe’s brand beer, Simpler Times Lager, and I suggest to everyone else do the same. I know I’ll be back to my local Trader Joe’s soon. Everyone could use a break from their normal ways to try something new, and I’m happy I did just that.

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