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Beer Review: Small Town Brewery Fruit Punch

We can’t bring back our past, but thanks to Small Town Brewery, we can relive a delicious piece of it.

As summer comes around the corner, I can’t help but reminisce of when I was younger, outside playing in the sun, enjoying an ice cold fruit punch juice box and just enjoying the innocence of adolescence. We can’t bring back our past, but thanks to Small Town Brewery, we can relive a delicious piece of it. Small Town has brewed a fruit beer called Fruit Punch. I bet you can guess the flavor by now.

Small Town Brewery is a brewery located right here in Illinois in the city Wauconda. The founder, Tim Kovac, took pride in his family’s talent and a long history of brewing. The brewery focuses on fruit and spice-based recipes, all of which are very delicious. However, we are talking about one in particular.


The Fruit Punch beer is commonly known as Not Your Father’s Fruit Punch, which comes bottled and is sold in liquor stores. The bottled version has an ABV of 5%, but I am focusing on the draft option of this beer that comes at a whopping 16% ABV. The aroma smells just like a cherry kool-aid followed by a slight scent of booze, and it looks just the same. The taste begins slightly bitter but is followed by a very tart yet sweet sensation. I know many people try to stay away from drinks that usually have that sugary rush, and I would consider myself one. However, this drink is definitely worth a try. It stands well alone but can also be put over some ice and cut with a little bit of Sprite. The refreshing nature of this drink is great not only for summer, but it's also a nice way to start out the night given its light body and long finish. This drink is not only enjoyable for those who do not like the taste of alcoholic beverages but for everyone.

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The only downside of this beer is the accessibility. Apart from going to Wauconda yourself, the options are limited. There are very few bars that have the graces from Small Town Brewery to serve this exquisite beer, and I happen to frequent of those lucky establishments. Lucky’s Lounge in Chicago Ridge carries the fruit punch option along with three other delicious fruity drafts. Come on down and give this one a try.