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Beer Review: South Sider - Tribes Beer Company

A review of Tribes Beer Company South Sider Lager

I may have stumbled upon something with this one... but first, a little backstory.

Tribes Alehouse and Brewpub in Tinley Park and Mokena have been around for a few years and I've frequented both locations, both of which include great food, and an amazing selection of craft brews (hence why I've frequented both of these establishments). On Saturday afternoon whilst on the way to the in-laws, I passed by their new (opened last summer) brewery and taproom over on Front Street in Mokena, which I wish was open about six years ago when I used to take the Front Street train into the city everyday. Needless to say, after leaving my in-laws I had to get my hands on some Tribes brewed beer. As a die-hard White Sox fan, South Sider was an easy choice to start with.

South Sider weighs in at a friendly 5% ABV and is marketed as a Chicago Style Lager, but before we even get into how the beer tastes, the can itself is a thing of beauty. With the black, white and gray color scheme plus some pinstripes wrapping most of the bottom, this beer definitely belongs at the South Side ballpark. And for those wondering, yes, you can get these in the Craft Kave.

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After cracking this one open, the first sip is absolutely refreshing and goes down smooth. While drinking this at home, I was instantly daydreaming of being at the Rate and wanted to pair this beer with a hot dog from the nearest vendor. The beer is extremely clean in taste but also leaves you with a bit of a hoppy flavor that satisfies. That is something I don't normally find all that much in lager style beers. While I love a great IPA or two at the ballpark, my favorite part about this discovery and this beer is that you could easily drink this all ballgame (day) long and do so in true South Side style. This will be my go-to next time I am at the ballpark, and I may even grab a six pack or two for the tailgate. Go Sox.