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Beer Review: Stiegl Pils

Take a trip to Austria and enjoy an OG pilsner.
stiegl pils

This beer holds a special place in my heart. I went abroad and lived in Vienna, Austria for four months in my junior year of college. Stiegl was the beer to have there. Brewed in Salzburg, Austria since 1492 (!!!), the Stiegl family forms a great-tasting pilsner that can’t be beat. If you’re wondering where to get it, this beer can be found at your local Binny’s. It’s a slightly hoppy and smoky pilsner that hits the spot each time. Drink it out of a can or into a frosted glass, and it’ll satisfy those beer-wantin’ jitters. I’m telling you this is one of my favorite beers. Maybe it’s the nostalgia that takes me back to being a college student whose biggest worry was “where to travel next?” or maybe it’s just a fantastic pilsner that needs more awareness stateside. Either way, you’re missing out if you haven’t had this yet. Everyone’s seen the Radler on tap, but head to your local liquor store and snag this. You will not be disappointed!

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