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Beer Review: Super Pils is Super Duper

5 Rabbit Cervecería's Super Pils is, in fact, super.
Super Pils

I told you guys I love beer. That’s why I’m BACK already for another review. If you haven't already, make sure you check out my debut piece for On Tap Sports Net.

This one I’m excited about. I actually had this one for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I was attracted to the bright blue can at the Binny’s up in Skokie. Super Pils....7.2% ABV??? In a damn pilsner??? Yeah, I have to try that. It was absolutely incredible. It was so good I just grabbed another six-pack today. This one is brewed by 5 Rabbit Cervecería out of Bedford Park.

Side note, I try to buy a lot of my beer from Chicagoland as there are just so many good breweries.

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Look at that beer. A pilsner is not supposed to look like that. Bright golden yellow, almost glowing, with a nice haze and a thick, foamy, head that just wouldn't quit. All of this is atypical of any pilsner I've ever had. I guess it could be described as an Imperial Pilsner. It has the drinkability of a pils, a little juiciness, and a dash of bitterness. The smell is bready, tastes of sweet malty goodness with a slightly dry finish. This beer is all over the place but manages to stay so well balanced.

Let me clarify a bit. I am not usually one to have pils because I usually find them too weak. I only drink them when I feel like having something light. But this is unlike any beer I've ever had. I could drink this thing year-round. I would definitely give this beer a try if I were you. If you're not so much into the IPA craze, I especially think this beer is worthy of a try, as it has something for everyone. Overall, I would give this beer an 8.5/10.

Happy Drinking!

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