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Beer Review: Transitional Bliss Samuel Adams Cold Snap

What is the perfect beer to transition you from your winter lager to summer ales? This is your answer
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Let me begin by saying that I don’t drink many different styles of beer anymore. I had my IPA phase and my Stout phase, but I’ve outgrown them. I’m not in college anymore so I don’t drink anything like Bud Light or Miller Lite either. Call me an old man, I can take it. What I prefer is something that has fantastic taste and is easy on the stomach. I’ll briefly give you an overview of why.

I’m a total gym rat. I’ve been lifting weights since high school and I absolutely love it. I also try my best to eat as clean as possible and live a mostly healthy lifestyle. Heavy beers don’t agree with my stomach all the time so I’ve adapted. I learned that lighter beers like white ales sit much better with me, which is one of the many reasons I enjoy Cold Snap so much.

The winter months have most of us drinking heavier ales and holiday flavored brews. We have the many Christmas inspired beers that come and go as quickly as the holidays tend to. Those beers are great when it’s five degrees and snowing out! But what do you drink after? Do you go straight to your favorite summer ale in the beginning of spring? I don’t. Enter: Cold Snap.

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Samuel Adams Cold Snap is the perfect transition beer. When it’s still cold out in January, Cold Snap is crisp and delicious. When the weather begins to warm in March, Cold Snap is smooth and light. It’s a wonderful mix that you don’t get with many other brews. The golden color looks beautiful in a frosted mug and the spices are so delicious your taste buds will thank you.

Cold Snap is one of my absolute favorite white ales around and it’s only available from January to March, which makes it even more unique to me. Its ABV is a nice 5.3% and it has a low IBU of 10. This brew is very smooth and when it’s ice cold on a warm spring day, there’s nothing better than downing a few of these while watching a ballgame. They go very quick so come mid-April when you find one or two in the back of the shelves of a Make Your Own Six Pack section, you better snag it. I promise you won’t regret it.