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Beer Review: Two Brothers - Northwind

Two Brothers' Northwind is a straightforward, well-done stout that comes at an excellent value.

Today I am enjoying an imperial stout from Two Brothers. Speaking of, has anyone had their coffee? I always see it in the Jewels but I've never tried it. Is it good? Well if it's roasted as well as this stout, then I may have to give it a shot.

Two Brothers Northwind

Northwind pours midnight black with a half-inch of tan foam that dissolves quickly. The aroma is all chocolate and dark fruits. Its taste consists of roasted malts with dark chocolate and just a hint of the sweet dark fruits on the aftertaste. The mouthfeel is medium with an overall dry finish.

I would describe this as typical stout, but it's heavier or thicker. It's nothing fancy compared to some of those crazy barrel-aged, vanilla, coffee so and so, or other real boozy imperial stouts, but this one does a nice job of just being a straightforward, well-done stout. Not to mention the value is fantastic. Northwind carries a 9.1% ABV and comes in a six-pack for only $9.99 from Binny's. It did say it was on sale for a couple bucks less, but either way, it's a great value. With that being said, Northwind is extremely drinkable, evidently enough as I was on my third of the night at the time of writing this review. It's a great beer to pick up when you don't feel like spending too much on only a four-pack, but be careful, this one might be dangerous!

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