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Cigar City Brewing Has A Fan In Me

A review of my new favorite beer in 2019. Cigar City Brewing got this one very right.
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I can stop looking now because I’ve found my favorite beer of 2019. I don’t mean to exaggerate that at all either, I absolutely love this beer. I first had it in January at Girl In The Park in Orland Park. Their alcohol menu is very diverse with a splendid variety of bourbon and lots of craft beers that I had never heard of. It took me at least 15 minutes to finally make my decision and let me tell you, it was well worth the wait.

As a huge fan of Belgian-style white ales to begin with, the Florida Cracker White immediately jumped off the page to me. The name was also very intriguing: Florida Cracker White. I thought to myself, that’s a strange name for a beer, but I really want to know what it tastes like and why it's called that. This beer has a phenomenal orange taste and it reminded me of a more flavorful Blue Moon. The citrus flavors give a fantastic after taste that leaves you wanting more. I had it in draft form and it was absolutely delicious.

The term Cracker in Florida usage relates to the whip these “cow hunters” used to herd cattle in Florida’s Palmetto Prairies. Called Quaqueros by the Spanish, these hardy and hard-working Cracker Cowboys helped to shape the history of Florida, the nation’s oldest cattle raising state.

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Now, let’s
fast forward to February. My family and I were getting together for a birthday
celebration and at this point, I hadn’t had Florida Cracker White since my
first time. The reason why? I couldn’t find it anywhere! No mainstream grocery
store carried it and all the liquor stores I went to either hadn’t heard of it
or were completely out of it. It either sells really well or these stores only
ordered a small amount, but I’m going to assume the former.

I finally found a six-pack of it at a small liquor store in downtown Tinley Park. I was grabbing beer for my sister and we typically have a very similar taste when it comes to beer so I felt very confident that she would enjoy my selection. Typically when I have the choice, I much prefer a draft rather than a can. Like many people, I enjoy the taste when it breathes in a glass instead of being confined to the aluminum. This beer was just as good in can form. It still had the great orange taste and I didn’t feel like I had to chug it to get through it. My sister really enjoyed it too, so Cigar City Brewing has two new fans!

Florida Cracker White has a friendly ABV of 5.5% and a low IBU of 18. It has a fantastic orange taste that kickstarts your taste buds and gets you ready for a great time. I’m a huge fan of Cigar City Brewing now and I look forward to trying the rest of their brews. In the meantime, while I can’t find it much in stores, I’ll mosey on over to Girl In The Park just so I can enjoy this in a tall draft.

Featured Photo: Cigar City Brewing