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Beer Review: Firestone Walker - Tropical Hazy Mixed Pack

Stay tropical and happy drinking!

My good friends at Firestone Walker were kind enough to send me their new collection of Mind Haze offerings. This one features three Hazy IPAs.

Firestone Walker Tropical Hazy Mixed Pack

Photo: Jim Sramek/On Tap Sports Net

Let's dive right in.


The first one I grabbed was Hopical Crush. This brew was pretty much your basic kind of Hazy IPA. It has a blend of tropical fruits and is medium-bodied with light bitterness. An overall well-balanced beer.

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Tiki Smash was essentially the same, but with a major coconut flavor. If you like coconut, this one is definitely for you.


Lastly, Citrus Cyclone is the tangerine version. I feel like this one was the lightest of the bunch. Some beers that utilize tangerine are a little weird to me, but this one is well done. It has just enough tangerine touch, but not too much as to overpower the beer.


Overall, the Firestone Walker Tropical Hazy Mixed Pack is a solid trio of beers. They are all listed at 6.2% ABV. Each one is easy-drinking but packs some good flavor. My personal favorite of the three was the Hopical Crush. That's one I could really get behind. I also spotted these at Binny's in a 12er variety pack for $15.99, so it's a pretty reasonable pack to try out.

Happy Drinking!