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Goose Island Brewhouse: A Day at Goose Island on Clybourn

On Tap Sports Net discusses their visit to Goose Island's Brewhouse and some of the elements that make the Clybourn location so great.
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Goose Island Brewhouse

Goose Island's Clybourn Brewhouse is a historic location for the brand. Not only is it the original Goose Island location, but they also continue to cement themselves as a part of the Chicago landscape.

On behalf of On Tap Sports Net, I was kindly invited by the folks at Goose Island's Brewhouse to come down and try the Off the Mound Burger, a burger collaboration with Ryan Dempster for the 22q Family Foundation. Not only was the burger excellent, but the day as a whole was incredible.

As an avid fan of Goose Island myself, I wanted to share my experience at the Clybourn Brewhouse, and encourage you to also drop in! The service, food, and of course beer, are all second to none.

Clybourn Brewhouse

Goose Island's Brewhouse bar. The location was remodeled in 2017, giving it a fresh, sleek look.Photo: Phil Velasquez/Chicago Tribune

The Location

Goose Island's Brewhouse is located in a unique spot in the city. Right off of N Sheffield Ave. and N Clybourn Ave., Goose Island is in an ideal location to attract a crowd. The brewery shares a parking lot with another store, but the location still has the classic Goose Island logo artwork on the top of the building, as well as other elements that show off the iconic symbol.

Within the brewhouse, you're greeted by beautiful wood designs and awesome artwork. The inside layout gives you a local pub feel, tying into Goose Island's roots, instead of the giant corporate feel that some larger brands exhibit. It is an aesthetically pleasing place to visit, and you'll never be short of art and designs to examine as you enjoy some food and drink. The exposed brick, along with the aforementioned art, is the visual compliment that you never knew you needed.

The Brewhouse is fairly easy to get to, as the North/Clybourn Red Line stop is near by, as well as the Armitage Purple and Brown Line stop. It's also fairly accessible to the surrounding area if you're a local in the Goose Island and Ranch Triangle neighborhoods.


How can you not talk about the food? When I visited, I tried the Off the Mound burger, with its crispy prosciutto, incredible caramelized onions, and decadent bone marrow butter. Seriously, give the article a read and try to resist visiting before the end of April. However, the Off the Mound burger is not the only incredible food on the menu.

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The Brewhouse sports a very traditional pub-inspired menu, complimented with some unique dishes using some of Goose Island's famous products, such as their Bourbon Country Stout. The menu includes the likes of great burgers, unreal mac and cheese, and so much more. If you visit on the weekend during the day, you can dip into their brunch menu as well, which is served from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday's and Sunday's.

Chef Henry Pariser and company have done an incredible job with the taste, presentation, and aroma of their food. It really compliments the solid beer selection that the location offers. What better way to spend a meal than complimenting incredible food with fantastic beer?


Goose Island has quite a few beers that are well known outside of Chicago. 312, Green Line, and their classic IPA are all sold in stores and quite popular. However, there are a handful of beers unique to the Brewhouse location. Those beers alone are worth stopping in. One beer they have on tap is the Cubbie Blue, a blueberry blonde ale that is not only light, but incredibly refreshing.

The Brewhouse also sells Goose Island beer for you to take home. Recently, they just released their first beer of the Chicago Hazy Series, which is called Hazy Stub Ripper. The Brewhouse might be the best place to pick some up, along with many of their Bourbon County Stouts that are hard to find in stores.

Make sure you give plenty of the beers a try! They have such a great selection and it's worth learning what you like and don't like by trying a few that tickle your curiosity.


How does a brewpub separate itself from others? Simple, besides great food, location, and beer, which many places have, it's the staff. Your experience as a consumer can completely change how you feel about a place, no matter how good their products are. Luckily for those who visit Goose Island, that is not a fear one should have.

In my visit to the Brewhouse, Lacey and Lisa, the location's manager and my server, respectively, were nothing short of spectacular. They were both warm and welcoming, as well as great people to ask questions about the food, beer, and location itself. They made the day even more enjoyable than it already was and will ensure your visit is just as spectacular.

If you're lucky enough, you may get to meet Brewer Jon or Chef Henry, both of which do an incredible job ensuring your palate is satisfied after your visit. All in all, the Goose Island Brewhouse staff enhanced an already incredible visit to the location.

If you haven't recently, be sure to check out Goose Island's Clybourn Brewhouse before the end of April to try the Off the Mound burger. From there, be sure to check out all the other great food and drink the location has to offer! Who knows, it may become a go-to spot for you, your friends, and family in the future.