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Heavy on Taste, Light on Your Wallet: Pabst Blue Ribbon

If you love beer like me, you'll jump into bed with Pabst Blue Ribbon.

I've always asserted that there is a distinct order of quality in the way a beer comes. Draft takes the top spot, followed by bottles and then lastly cans. Oh, but not when you have a good 'ol PBR. There is simply nothing better than hearing that seventh crack of the night when you're well into the top half of the beautiful 30-rack of cans that PBR comes in.


PBR isn't as popular as most beers and that is perfectly fine with me. Most of my friends hate it. Good, more for me. However, let's not be disrespectful to the 'ol Blue Ribbon. It's not an IPA, but it's also not your typical domestic lager. Still light enough for you to drink it all day, but far more taste than your average Budweiser or Coors Light.

PBR in the summer? Absolutely, it's refreshing as the day is long. PBR in the winter? That's a Texas-sized 10-4, my friend, because the taste is just good enough to make you tolerate all of the holiday craze.

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You read that right, 99 cans. If you're looking for a weekend challenge, Pabst Blue Ribbon has you covered. If you're strolling around Illinois State University's campus, as I have been the last two years, stumble into Firehouse Pizza & Pub for $1 cans every single day.

When you're strolling through the liquor aisle at the local grocery store, there's nothing wrong with going the dirty thirty route on your beer choice. Never ever grab Rolling Rock. Keystone Light? I certainly wouldn't. Busch? Not as much bang for your buck. Go PBR each and every time.


If you love beer like me, you'll jump into bed with Pabst Blue Ribbon. The taste will leave you satisfied for the remainder of your night. The cost will leave you shamelessly coming back for more. Do beer right, go with the Blue Ribbon.

Featured Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images