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Hop Butcher to Purchase Half Acre Location

Hop Butcher will move into Chicago this fall after purchasing the location that Half Acre currently occupies on Lincoln Ave.
Hop Butcher Half Acre chicago

On the same day Hop Butcher and Half Acre each released a new beer, some big news dropped that could affect the landscape of craft beer in Chicagoland. Hop Butcher For The World has announced that they finally found their very own home. This will soon be at the popular location currently occupied by the Half Acre Beer Company found on Lincoln Avenue. To be clear, Hop Butcher is only buying the 4257 N Lincoln Ave location, not Half Acre itself.

One of the biggest names in craft beer in Chicagoland, Hop Butcher was founded in 2014 and quickly became one of the most popular breweries in the area. With their mastery of styles, especially on the hazy IPA variety, it's easy to see why. Hop Butcher also likes to pay homage to Chicago culture in several of their beer names; Neon Green Relish, Tavern Cut, A Deeper Dish, Beef Dipped, and The Jewels to name a few. The style of artwork on their labels is also instantly recognizable.

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Hop Butcher releases fresh brews pretty much every week, with distribution typically occurring on Thursdays. Because they have a bit of a cult following, many of their beers quickly sell out, sometimes the same day they hit the shelves. So far though, they have been sourcing out where they brew their beer. That process currently takes place in Darien at the Miskatonic Brewing location, which raises questions for them. Moving into the new location sometime this fall, this opportunity is sure to help their production and distribution.

The moving date is supposed to be sometime this fall. It will be interesting to see how this impacts craft brewing around Chicagoland, specifically with Hop Butcher themselves. Hopefully this means a larger supply of beers, wider distribution, and more special releases.