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It's Corona Time

Finding your beach in mid-April, can't beat it

After waking up to a snow-covered ground on Sunday morning, experiencing a somewhat normal "Spring" day on Monday in the mid 50's, today is officially a "Corona Day." Not only is On Tap Sports Network up and running, it's temperatures are in the mid-70s in Chicagoland today. The sun is shining, and the beer tastes great.

Corona days are some of the most beautiful days because what is better than kicking back, enjoying the sun and sipping on an ice cold Corona? Not much.

Just ask our guy Pat Comiskey... he has the right idea on this fine afternoon:

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I too enjoyed myself a Corona on this lovely afternoon, only mine wasn't one of those "Light" ones, as pictured above. Either way, as we say... never a bad time to #CrackUm.